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How to Recover Deleted Files or Lost Data from Computer Hard drive?

As we all do, we delete our unnecessary files and data from our hard drive, as they use our computer storage. But sometimes we accidentally do that to our important data’s too. Then what? Yes, I know, you will go to computer Recycle Bin to recover it or you will just try to find those within your previously backed-up computer folders and back-up drive.
But what if you used “Shift + Delete” to permanently delete your files or you have just cleared the recycle bin containing your accidently deleted very crucial files?

In this situation, you get exasperated, as you have no longer access to those data and files. But don't worry, you can still recover deleted files from hard drive as well as recover deleted files from pendrive.

There is lots offline recovery software, which you can use to recover your deleted files. So in this article, I am going to introduce you with some best file recovery software, which will let you recover your accidently deleted files from your hard drive. Find out your best file recovery from below.

Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

1. Recuva:

I am giving it first place, because I really like this tool. It is very powerful, less resources hogging and free data recovery software. It is available for windows with simplest material design and interface. Below are some of its great features.

Features of Recuva:
  • It is quick, safe and very easy to operate.
  • It can recover even you have formatted your drive.
  • It also recovers when your drive is damaged or has some common problems.
  • It can also recover your data from your memory card and Pen drive.
  • It is also able to rescue your deleted emails back, from Outlook express, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • It will help you recover your deleted music tracks from your iPod.
  • It helps you restore your unsaved Microsoft documents, if your computers gone crash while creating a document and you have not saved your document.
  • If you have problem during recovering your files, you can deeply scan your for a best recovery result.
Besides these features you can also erase any file for forever, so that you or anyone can’t have access to them, even they try to recover it using recovery software.

2. Pandora Recovery:

Pandora Recovery can recover files to any type of storage like your Hard Disc, Flash Drive or Network Drive without any disturbance. There are lots of features as Recuva provides.

Features of Pandora Recovery:
  • It is very easy in this software to browser, search and recover with preview of a media file.
  • This recovery software implements surface scan of a targeted media.
  • You can also recover your those files whose MFT (Managed file transfer) has been reused by the operating system.
  • As Recuva do, this software can also recover your files, which have been formatted previously on the drive.
  • You can even recover files from damaged disc drives or from those discs and drives whose allocation table is missing.
  • It also allows you to recover archived, hidden, encrypted and compressed files, which have been accidently deleted.
  • It can recover ADS (Alternate Data Streams) if you need to recover.

3. Test Disk:

Test Disk is another handy data recovery tool available for Windows, Linux Os and Mac Os on the internet. As other two are, this tool also recovers your deleted files including your media files, office documents, etc just in a few steps. Some of its awesome features are below:

Features of Test Disk:
  • It helps you to recover your lost partitions.
  • You can recover even you got virus or malware in your drive.
  • It is available for all major operating systems, you run on your computer.
  • You can recover any of your file, as it supports almost all the major file types and extensions.
  • You will be able to repair partition table easily and you can recover partition that has been deleted.
  • This tool can also rebuild NTFS (New Technology File System) boot sector.
  • Using this tool you can also undelete those files which have been stored in FAT (File Allocation Table), exFAT, NTFS and ext2 file systems.
It also allows you to recover NTFS boot sector and a lot more other features are there you can use. You can also use these tools to recover deleted files from memory card, pen drive and external hard drive.

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So these are mine best data recovery software, you can also download it from the internet and use to recover your deleted files which have been done by a mistake. These listed recovery software are provided as per my personal experience, so I don’t know how much you like it. But you can say you thoughts and suggest some other tools in the comment section below. Share it with your friends using below sharing buttons and subscribe to our newsletters for future references, it will not cost you anything.
Thanks for standing by here and giving your valuable time to read this article.
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7 Best Highly Rated Whatsapp Alternatives on PlayStore

I know, there is no doubt of Whatsapp popularity. It spread everywhere as a best highly rated secured messaging app ever for smartphone users. At present, this messenger is accessible through many mobile operating systems such on Android, Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia Mobiles. As an average, there are more than 5 hundred million users of WhatsApp around the globe.

But there are also many people who actually don’t like WhatsApp or they don’t have compatible device to access it. Some people also don't like it, as it has limited features.
If you are one of those or you don't like WhatsApp, then this post is for you. Where, I have researched and found 7 best free WhatsApp alternatives. As of its features, you will definitely find a best WhatsApp alternative for your self. These alternatives are very similar to WhatsApp and has those features and functions, which you have previously missed on the WhatsApp. Check it out below, as you definitely gonna like one of these best WhatsApp alternatives.

7 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

1. Hike Messenger:
Hike it the second most popular messenger behind the WhatsApp. The main reason behind it is, it has those features you have never seen on the WhatsApp. It is offering a lots of great features such as free SMS to non-Hike u, share attachments up to 100 MB, fantastic and awesome stickers and much more, which WhatsApp doesn't provide to its users. There are more than 500 million users already, so be the next to try.

2. Facebook Messenger:
I guess, you might be intimate with Facebook Messenger, if you are an active Facebook user. If you are not familiar with Facebook, then it is a Social networking site on the web, which is undoubtedly best social network. Lots of people uses its Messenger App, as it is from a trusted social network. There are many features like group conversation, chat heads, free voice calls between its users and a lot more such features. It is available on all major operating systems like Android, Apple iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.

3. We Chat:
This is another similar app to WhatsApp. As a solid features it provides you Crystal Clear Voice Call quality, walkie talkie mode with upto 40 participants, like, share and comment on pictures and lots of awesome features than WhatsApp. It has more than 300 million users on major smartphone platforms like Android, iPhone and Windows.

4. BBM (BlackBerry Messenger):
This WhatsApp alternative comes from the popular Black Berry Mobile Developer. Previously, it was only for BlackBerry Users, but now it supports Android, iPhone and Windows platforms too. Using this you will be able to see your friends location on the map. Other than this, it provides you lots more great features. Its pinning and different kinds of emoticons makes it a perfect alternative of WhatsApp.

5. Viber:
You will not believe, it spread globally just after few months of release. As you have read about the We Chat, it is very similar to it. But it has lots of other great features like good quality video calling, easy and stylish interface and a lot more as you go for this.

6. Line:
Line is a very stronger alternative of all the available messenger apps. It has started the journey with 10 million users, but now it is loved by millions of others too. It offers you lots of features and functions, like audio/video/text messaging, voice calling as well as video conference feature. You may go for it, as it is available for all major platforms.

7. Telegram:
This is another one of the most popular messaging app. It provides you a highly secured messaging app. Its security features such as self destructor and encrypted data makes it simply different. Besides this your all data will be stored on its highly security optimized cloud storage. The best thing about it is, that it's totally ad-free.

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I hope you gonna like one of these as a best WhatsApp alternative app. If you like to install Or if you have any other similar app, mention it within your comments.
And share these WhatsApp alternatives with your friends, and don't forget to subscribe to this blog for such future engrossing articles.
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3 Best Free Conference Call Services Available Online

As you know, these days, our businesses are not only limited nationally, we also wants our businesses to be spread internationally. Maybe, your companies have international existence already. So I have no doubt, that you or your companies conduct conferences and meetings with the other international partners and have modern technologies.

Don’t be afraid, If you are not a business person or you don't own a company, firm, etc., this article is also going to help you to communicate with your family, friends and colleagues by using 3 best free audio/video conferencing services online.

In this growing world every company conducts assembly, meetings or conference through online video/audio conferencing services. The reason behind meeting through conferencing is, that the whole world making change technologically. Conferencing services are also useful, whenever you like to contact through video or audio with your loved ones, including your family m.embers, friends, besties and colleagues. Because it may be little expensive making direct calls to your conversant.
Really, this is not hard anymore to find a conference service online, because you have Google that lets you find things easily, whatever you like to search. If you search for “free conferencing services”, you will get hundreds of results. However, finding a best service with great features within these results is a little bit difficult task.

So I tried to list here some best free online conferencing tools available online, using these you will not be charged a single penny. Below are those services, which you can use to conference with your loved ones or use them for business meeting purpose.
But remember, as a requirement, you must have high speed internet connectivity to use these services or to improve the quality of conferencing calls.

3 Best Free Online Conference Call Services

UberConference (
I recommend UberConference as a best free conference service, because you get call recording, screen sharing and lots more such features as bonus. This is by far the best free online conferencing tool. Its simplest design and user-friendly layout are quick to move and hassle free. You can record calls, and even share your screen and collaborate on documents with other online users. It allows up to 10 participants on call for free and up to 100 participants on upgrade, which costs $10 per month. If you don't like to spend your money, you have an another option below.

FreeConferenceCall (
It is a globally popular free online conferencing tool. FreeConferenceCall has lots of features same as UberConference that makes you love it. You can join up to 1000 of members who can participate without spending a single penny. Besides this you can record the conversation, mute or dismiss the participants and a lot more great features. It is not as easy, and has no advanced features and tools like UberConference. But it is a conference tool choice, if you need to add more than 10 participants.

Wiggio (
It is another best free conference call service. Wiggio provides lots of collaborative functions and features like status updates, events sharing, polls, to-do lists and much more. Using “virtual meetings” feature, you can video conference and share your screen with your desired participants. But you will not get advanced features and tools such as online dashboard and conversation recording function.

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I hope you like these free call conferencing services. If you have any thought or suggestion, please comment below. I know there are lots of such tools, which offers free conferencing. But finding a good with such features is really a difficult task. Anyway, if you have any other such tool, mention in the comment.
After all, do share this list using below sharing buttons and don't forget to subscribe to the blog for future interesting articles.
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Online Data Entry Jobs to Earn Money from Your Home

These days, everybody wants to make money online herewith an easiest and convenient way. I guess, you are also looking for some easiest methods of online earning. Am I Right?, Yes, I am. So today, I am going to introduce you with some online data entry jobs, which may help you earn money, just sitting inside your room in your desired way.

What are data entry jobs?
You will not believe, that peoples are insanely crazy for earning money through this job. The reason behind this is, online data entry jobs are one of the convenient and simplest jobs online to earn money from your favorite chair at your home.

What you have to do?
Online data entry jobs are very easy, as you have to only transcribe some given data of information into another form. Those given data which needs to be transcribed, might be handwritten documents, sequences of numbers, person details, computer codes, information of spreadsheets, etc.
What you will need to do this job?

No special skill, you just have to be good in typing (you can say average typing speed), must have a computer or smartphone and Internet connectivity in it as a major requirement. And those are often qualified, who are able and excellent in typing numbers (0-9). You can make decent money from these jobs, if you have advantage of good KPH (Keystrokes Per Hour) or 35-50 WPM (Word Per Minute) speed. More speed, the more chances of earning money online.

To qualify for these type of online jobs, you must have roughly estimate of 40 WPM, 200 KPM and 12000 KPH speed in typing.

Best Websites to Find Online Data Entry Jobs
Below I am going to list some websites and online sources, where you can find your desired data entry jobs to earn decent money at your home. These websites here are arranged as per its popularity among the peoples. I have also included the links, which you can type or copy-paste in your URL bar to visit and apply for the jobs.

Fiverr (
This is one of the best and popular online service sell and purchase website. Here you can create your selling page and offer your services. As it is a micro sale and purchase site, you can offer your data entry work. You can charge 5 dollar as minimum amount for doing some short and basic works. After your level increases, you will be able to increase your work price, but it is my advise to provide quality work for low price as you can.

If you have no idea, how to design and create your selling page, just search for your keywords there. As a result you will see a huge amount of sales pages to get ideas from.

After creating your profile and sales pages, you will be paid whenever you complete the work or order placed by your clients.

Upwork (
Upwork is a worldwide recognized and accepted employment space for freelancers. You first have to complete your public profile with your special skills in order to get data entry jobs here. It is always advised to provide your great work for lowest price as you can. After you get bigger hits, you may increase your price.

To start working on Upwork, just create your account and profile. Search for your keywords to get ideas about designing your page. Provide your services and start earning from today.

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I hope, you liked these websites to make money from your home by doing data entry jobs. If you have not tried these websites, you must go through these to earn money online by offering your data entry work. These listed websites are not only for online data entry jobs, you may provide and sell your other services too, such as text contents, blog posts, etc. But you must keep it in your mind, that there are too many freelancers working these days by providing unique and quality contents in low price. So this always and every time advised to do the same at a lowest price as you can and doesn’t hurts you.

Don't forget to share this article with your friends and family members, to help them earn from home. Write us your thoughts in the comment section below and subscribe to the blog for future interesting articles.
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How to Convert PDF to JPG Image Easily using Online Tools?

In this article I am going to tell about 5 top best PDF to JPG online converter tools, which will help you in many cases and issues. These tools are user-friendly, easy and efficient to start converting your PDF files into the JPG image format. Lets start reading this article from introducing these two extension and the intention, why we need to convert our PDF files into JPG files.

What Is JPG?
The abbreviation JPEG actually is the standard for a compression algorithm, which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is the team who developed such a best image extension for us. When we use the extension JPG, then we are usually being referred to the JFIF, which is the shortform of JPG File Interchange Format, that defines the thoroughfare to out-turn a proper file for your storage and devolution.
It is an format of image file, which is used for monochrome, color and gray-scale pictures. It functions excellent for the images with a meticulous classification of colors, tones and shades, as it uses the method of lossy compression.

What Is PDF?
The PDF file extension stands for Portable Document Format, which is developed by the team of Adove Systems. It is very useful to us in many ways. It ascertains your printed file retaining the formattings, which you have intended in your documents. This format is also very useful if you have the intention to use it for the commercial printings purpose.

The intention behind Converting PDF to JPG and Why we Need to Convert PDF to JPG?
As everyone, you might also face these problems with the PDF file format in a situation of your life, about which I am here to talk and explain. So let's talk about some of those common issues, cases and problems about PDF file format, through which you faced difficulties and might come thenceforward in your life.
  • To open this type of file, your computer or other devices always requires a third-party software or app. Just say about the Adobe Acrobat Reader, to open a PDF file you need to install it on your computer, as this tool doesn't comes pre-installed on many devices. But to open a JPG file, there is always a software already.
  • While surfing the web, you may have noticed that, you can view images on the web easily but opening a PDF file on the internet everytime requires a third-party plugin.
  • When you are creating a presentation, you will not be able to insert and put a PDF file in it, but you are always able to easily insert a JPG file in it.
These were some of the common problems and issues which we face sometimes with the PDF file format. This is a best idea to convert all of your PDF documents in a JPG image format. So no such issues you will face again in your future. To help you convert your PDF files into JPG format, I have reviewed some online tools, which will help you do that.
Best Online PDF to JPG Converter Tools
There is lots of such tools on the Internet, but many of them sucks. Only some of them are good and works well. Below are the some of the best PDF to JPG online converter tools, which don’t requires any third-party software in your computer or other devices. You must check them out according to your need, as I have include the good points of each tool and arranged as per alexa rank. It may help you choosing your best one.
  • Zamzar:
This is the first best online tool to convert PDF to JPG in my list. It converts your PDF files in good quality in less size. Considerable things of this tool are, trusted by lots of customers, no registration process, just upload and convert.
It is another best tool to convert your PDF files into JPG. The good thing about this tool is, that it offers the average, good and excellent quality without any watermarks. It converts PDF pages without any limitations.
  • Neevia Technology:
It is one of the oldest tool on the Internet, which also converts your PDF files in JPG images. Key features of this tool are easy and user-friendly interface, offers compatibility options, resolution options and takes less time to convert.
  • Pdfburger:
This tool is one of the newest PDF to JPG convertion online tool, but it is being popular day-by-day. Features such as beautiful and convenient interface, multiple file options and one click go conversion makes it another best tool in the list.
  • Smallpdf:
This is the last one of this list but has many great features other than converting PDF to JPG. It is specially designed and developed to convert PDF in various types of document files. While converting in JPG, it offers you drag and drop feature, which lets you quickly covert your files into JPG. It provides secure online conversion; every converted files here will be deleted just after 60 minutes, so no one can access to your converted files.

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As the world is big, these are not the only PDF to JPG converter. There are lots of offline tools, softwares for computers and smartphone apps, which you can use to work offline. But why to install and use them if we are able to do the same work online, as offline tools takes your device storage, RAM and other resources and provides the same thing. But if you like to work with offline tools, I will try to cover those in another article. Till then enjoy other articles on this blog.
After all, do share this article using below sharing buttons, write your thoughts in the comment box and subscribe to this blog for future interesting articles.
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