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How To Generate Strong and Safe Passwords?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Over the last few months, I've seen a password strength meter on almost every signup on variety of websites like twitter, ebay, paypal, etc and realized that they are giving (maybe) a tool that will be helpful for everyone, who deciding to signup. But to choose a really great, easy and remember-able password, I decided to give some points which will be helpful to choose a right, strong password that will be easy to remember. A strong password is one that is more difficult to hack than a weaker one. Basically hackers tries your name (middle, last), your birthday, your marriage anniversary, your school name, your mobile number etc. So we don’t have to choose any personal information (recommendation). Bellow is some helpful points that will make your account and their passwords fully secure.
General guidelines to generate strong password. There are few simple tips that will make choosing password easy for you.
Avoid choosing these below terms while making a password:
1. Your name in any form (first, last, middle, maiden, spelled backwards) 
2.Any ID number or user ID in any form. 
3. Any Part of your user-id or email or phone-number. 
4. Using a common name of others such as Juli, Rock etc. 
5. Password of fewer than eight characters. 
6. Name of a friend, relative, book author. 
7. Address, birthday, birth-place or anniversary. 
8. Any product name, Dictionary words, place names. 
9. All numerical password 
10. Your license-plate number, social-security number or any other related numbers. 

How to Make A Strong Password? Example Steps.
1. Use a combination of alphabetical and numeric characters.
2. Use both of upper and lowercase.
3. Use the symbols every time making a new password.
4. Use phrase like, example: 'MipRoTecTEd' instead of “Am I protected”.
Or a misspelled phrase, Example: Co7F3i5Hotz instead of “Coffee is hot” or 1HaV3aP3n instead of “I Have a Pen”. 
5. Use familiar term such as UrStoOdeNt instead of “You are student”.
6. Use an acronym quote or phrase which is easy to remember, please see these example given: Ir9-Ma9 (Iron Man) or u-R-9r38 (You are great).
7. You can replace a letter with similar numbers like these examples: Replace I or i with 1, replace G or g with 9, replace t or T with 8, etc. 
8. You can replace O, o, 0(zero) with (), } instead of 3 or E, > or < or ^ instead of V, It is definitely better than nothing. 
9. Replacing numbers with special symbols would be stronger. 

How to Generate a Strong Password? Example Steps 1:
Here are another step by step guide about making a strong password with examples using a phrase or sentence:
1. You can pick a phrase that will easy to remember for you, like: I am trying to give you an example so I choosed “Flowers are blooming in the garden”. 
2. Now pick all the first or last letters from each word, like: FABITG or SEGNEN . 
3. Then substitute some letters with numbers and symbols, like: F@BI8G or S3GN3N. 
4. Now replace some capitals to small and small to capital, like:f@Bi8g or s3Gn3N.

How to Choose Strong Passwords? Example Steps 2:
Selecting a password for a website like ebay, irctc, twitter.
1. Choose a sentence that is related to website, like: Ebay is online shop. 
2. Now pick all the first letters or last letters from that sentence, like: EIOS or YSEP 
3. Now put that company name after or before that code, like: EBAYEIOS / EIOSEBAY or EBAYYSEP / YSEPEBAY 
4. Now replace some letters with similar numbers (leave ebay), like: EBAYE1O5 / E1O5EBAY or EBAYY5EP / Y5EPEBAY 
5. Replace some letters with some uppercase and lower case letters, like: EBAYe1O5 / e1O5EBAY or EBAYy5eP / y5ePEBAY 
6. Now put some symbol in that code instead of some letter, like: EBAY@1O5 / @1O5EBAY or EBAYy5@P / y5@PEBAY 
7. Put '–' between code and company name, like: EBAY-@1O5 / @1O5-EBAY or EBAY-y5@P / y5@P-EBAY 
8. Now your password is easy, strong, remember-able and safe.

Note: This tip is very useful in many ways if you are doing online things, so I recommending that use different passwords for different websites. Use name of the website into your password so that every password will be different and easy to remember. If one gets out by a hacker, you don’t have to change them all of your online accounts, for more instruction check it on IMJustSharing. If you found this article helpful please share this with your friends.

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