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How to Convert Microsoft Word (DOCX) to Adobe (PDF)?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Today I am going to show you how to convert DOCX to PDF. I think you are tired searching it, because there are no such programs which can really convert .docx to .pdf. And I am sure that this is true because I also tried to convert but luck gone well after spending my 2 hours. So in the saying there are many services which tell I can do it but many of them are fake or not able to do that. So here I am saying how I did? So let me come to the steps which can really help.
Before the steps I want to say something about these extensions. PDF is the short form of Portable Document Format by Adobe. Which was developed and introduced in 1990 as an easy way to share documents anywhere with text formatting and inline images for those who have not access to multi-compatible software and operating systems?
So this is the main reason why peoples choose .pdf format and why it is popular sharing file. This is the most common file format which can be used for multipurpose. Now a days there are also apps to read PDF for Android, I-phones and for other operating systems. This is the most used format on the web. To read this format the Adobe’s Acrobat reader is available on the Internet without any cost which is available for a variety of operating systems.
DOCX is the extension of newer version of Microsoft Word (2007 and later). This is used to write documents and print. DOCX is the part of popular Company Microsoft. Mainly this is used in offices to write letters and other documents. Documents created using Microsoft Office Word can only be viewed and edited only on those platforms which support Microsoft Office Word.
  • Guide to Convert Documents Docx to PDF:
I have tried to convert between these types and failed using many software’s and online tools. Many of them did but not perfect conversion, while doing I have faced many errors and problems. Finally I found the software which can really do that after spending my 2 hours and used offline without any network connection and errors. The name of that software is iStonsoft Word Docx to PDF Converter. iStonsoft Word to PDF Converter is top best software for desktop computers which is able to convert Microsoft Office Word Docx files to PDF easily and instantly without losing the quality of texts and images. So in my opinion you have to give it a try and feel the quality. So let me introduce what is the proper ability of iStonsoft Word Docx to PDF Converter.
  1. Easy and instant conversion
  2. No interruption
  3. Use without MS Office
  4. Efficient
  5. Without losing quality
  6. Minimum space required
  7. Supports Windows XP and Up
  8. Supports Mac OS X 10.6 and up
  9. Convert without any limitation
Specifications and Requirements for Windows:
  1. Windows XP and Later
  2. Above 1 GHz Processor
  3. Above 1 GB of Ram
  4. 512 MB of free hard drive space
So below are the steps to convert docx to pdf:
  1. First download the iStonsoft Word Docx to PDF software which is available on the Internet,
  2. Then open the software and click on Add File/Folder to upload or choose which file you want to convert.
  3. After that simply click on Convert button. After the success click on open button which will let you go in folder where the converted file is.
Note: Output folder is set as source folder, if you want to change it with your desired folder, simply change it selecting your folder.
If you have a Later Microsoft Office Word than you don’t have to download this software. Simply Go to Microsoft’s Website and search for “Save as PDF Plug-in” if you have a SP2 or greater Microsoft Office.

Steps To Save As PDF:
  1. Open your desired document which you want to convert.
  2. Then click on the Office button at the top left corner.
  3. Then select “save as” and choose PDF.
  4. Now type your document name and hit publish.
  5. All Done!

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