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How to Easily Download Videos from Facebook?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Sometimes we want to download video from Facebook account, which sent by a friend and that is enjoyable, like that. So sometimes we extremely need that video downloaded from Facebook, but there is no such official option, which let us download the video. So after the some search experience, I found the way which will really help you out downloading video from the Facebook.
How to download videos from facebook?
Do you feel something like YouTube, when you are playing a Facebook video? Defiantly yes, because there are many same things which is similar to Facebook and one most common thing is that you can’t download any video from both (YouTube and Facebook) websites officially. But you know there are always options to do your work. So for downloading videos from Facebook is not hard like that. You know how we download Videos from YouTube and there is also no official option to download, but we can do it using third party software or websites. So for this you have to go for below steps. These steps are very simple to do and very short with using a third party website called DownVidS.

So follow the steps behind to download video from Facebook easily.
Step-1: First of all you need to visit the website DownVids, simply type in your address bar and then hit enter.

Step-2: Now you need to copy the URL of that video from Facebook using another tab on your browser.

Step-3: Now go to DownVidS tab and find the box of URL and paste the video URL there as shown in below screenshot.

Step-4: Download your video and enjoy yourself. That’s it.

I hope you like the way, but I need something for that if you think you can do, then share it with your social networks, join us there or subscribe us using your email address (that’s free).

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