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10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Smarter but Lazy Guys

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
The top 10 keyboard shortcuts which will make you a smart user of computer. Using these 10 keyboard shortcuts you will really achieve a new goal of smartness. You know what is the importance of short in life and as in computer. So I found the best keyboard shortcuts to quickly do the most common tasks in computer. Using these keyboard shortcuts you can greatly increase your productivity, speed and smartness. Using these keyboard shortcuts you will be able to do your task as fast as you want. So follow the below keyboard shortcuts to work greatly with your tasks.
Here I am giving the most useful 10 keyboard shortcuts to complete your tasks with new and easy way. As an example I proof that what is importance of a keyboard shortcut in computer. So as an example if you want to copy a full page of any document than you probably using your mouse to copy them all. Such as leaving the keyboard then selecting all the texts then clicking right button on your mouse then clicking on copy button from the menu. Is that simple than simply pressing ‘Ctrl + A’ to select all at once and then ‘Ctrl + C’ to copy the selected texts. Obviously No, so this is why I am writing this article. To get the most useful top 10 keyboard shortcuts find below. So these keyboard shortcuts are really helpful for everyone.
The Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts – Proof Of Smartness
Copy Selected Texts Or Items
Using ‘Ctrl + C’ or using ‘Ctrl + Insert’ you will be able to copy the selected texts and also selected items.

Paste Copied Texts Or Items
Using ‘Ctrl + V’ or using ‘Shift + Insert’ you will be able to paste your copied texts or items to where you want.

Undo Any Change You Made Anywhere
Use ‘Ctrl + Z’ or ‘Ctrl + Y’ to undo your change which you probably don’t want. (Example: If you deleted any text or item accidently than use these combination to undo them.) You can also often press them to undo multiple changes. Remember: Sometimes ‘Ctrl + Y will redo the undo.

Finding Any Text, Document, File And Program
You can use ‘Ctrl + F’ to find any text, document, files and programs. Using this shortcut, this will opens the Search Box in any program.

Switching Between Programs And Tabs
Use ‘Alt + Tab’ or ‘Ctrl + Tab’ to switch between two or more programs or tabs. You can also use this keyboard shortcut in any web browser. If you add the Shift key to any of the above shortcuts than you will be able to move backwards.

Deleting, Moving And Highlighting A Full Word At A Time
Probably you know how to delete, move and highlight a character at a time but I am going to show you how to delete, move and highlight a full word at a time. ‘Ctrl + Delete’ to delete a full word, ‘Ctrl + Arrow Key’ to move to the next one and ‘Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key’ to highlight a full word at a time.

Saving Any File, Document Anything
You can save your any file, folder or document etc in just a simple step using ‘Ctrl + S’. If you are working on any file you can use this shortcut, because this works with almost every program.

Moving To Beginning Or To End
Sometimes we need to quickly move to starting or ending paragraph in any document. So to do quickly use ‘Ctrl + Home’ to move quickly to the beginning of any document. And ‘Ctrl + End’ to move your cursor quickly to the end of any document.

Start Print Preview To See How It Will Be After Printing
Start or open a print preview of your document or of a page using combination of ‘Ctrl + P’. This shortcut also will be helpful to you if you really want to print any document. This shortcut will first give you the preview of any document you want and then you will see there a option to print or not, so to do it quickly press enter after seeing the preview.

Quickly Moving To An Another Page At A Time
Press ‘Page Up’ to quickly move to the previous page and use ‘Page Down’ to move to the next page at a time. This two keys will be available on all the keywords. So this feature will be available for everyone. Using these keys you will go to a page to another one in the direction given by you.

So those are the shortcuts I know which is really interesting and really helpful for everyone. I know some of these you already know but this not meant to be everyone knows.

By the way thanks for reading and understanding. Please use comment box to describe your words greatly.
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