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Top 5 Useful Tricks for Facebook Users in 2016

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Facebook is an open community and almost everyone from the world is here. People love Facebook than any other social media because of its features, interface, etc. Facebook is my favourite because Facebook helps me build my brand and helps get traffic towards my blog. But do you know many people don’t think that Facebook is nice for them and just comes for some time, they don’t wait and log out. Why? Because, I don’t know, LOL...! Maybe they have some theme problem, font’s problem, colour problem or even they are new to Facebook and so they are not much aware about Facebook. Ok let’s move this topic.
So as this changed world many person even child has their own way to use Facebook, because this is for everyone I talked before. Many persons use Facebook for hours and yes they think Facebook is as their friend. But do you know there are many other ways and tricks to make Facebook better for you and then I am here to give some simple to compliment tricks, which you can use to monetize your Facebook account or even your smartness. Let’s check them out below, I hope you will like anyone from these tricks.

1. Create Stylish And Fantastic Text Styles.
Some of the people like to read anything in their style and so that if they are able to get their favourite text styles for Facebook, how they feel? Nice Na..? So if you think you have to convert your Facebook texts into your own desired style, then you will be pleasure to go for that at below link. Simply copy and paste it in your web browser and follow the instruction there. Using this tool you will be able to convert your Facebook texts into cool, awesome, fantastic and stylish fonts and styles. (

2. Customize Facebook Fonts and Colors
To customize your Facebook text colors you need to add ‘Fabulous extension’ in your Google Chrome Web browser. Once again this only works with Google Chrome browser. Using this tool you can also remove Facebook ads from your timeline. This is like a plug and play tool you have only to install and choose how you want to see your Facebook timeline. That’s it.

3. How to Disable Seen Option in Facebook Chat
Means if you are sent a message to any of your friend, and that if your friend seen your message than you will see a check mark on sent message, saying that your message has been seen by your friend at ‘hour: minute AM/PM’. In some cases we don’t want to tell our friend that we read their sent message because we don’t want to let them know that we are not going to reply right now. So for this I have a little trick which will help you. You can disable it if you are using Google’s Chrome Browser in your computer by installing ‘FB unseen extension’. After installing this extension your friend will be not able to know that you have seen their messages. To download that extension please copy the link below and paste it in your browser and then install. (

4. How to Check Who Is Online After Being Offline
Sometime we don’t want to let others know that I am online and so as we many of our friends also using this feature from the chat option of Facebook to hide him/herself from being visible. But there is a trick you can use to know who is really online or offline. If in any reason you think you need to online but want to show your friends that you are offline then you have to use ‘Online Now’ application, which is for Facebook only. I sure you will be able to hide your ass and get invisible. LOL...!

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5. Sending Large Files Up To 1GB on Facebook
There is no any such official option which will let you upload your file more than 50 MB. But if you think you really need in any condition this one trick is for you. Now you can easily send large files to Facebook (I mean send not upload). There is a condition that you are only able to store for 1 week. If you are going to share any file large within 1 GB to your friend for download than this will help you. Simply use ‘pipe App’ for Facebook to send any large files to your friend. Below is the link you need to go and use. (

That was some most needed tricks and I hope you found your any needed one. Please share this article and subscribe for any new updates we made in future. Thank You!

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