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How to Delete a Facebook Account Permanently?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
How to delete a Facebook account permanently and backup before deletion. So this is the topic of today and I am going to share it with you with the easy to understand step by step guide. In which you will be able to delete your Facebook account permanently and you will also be able to recover your account within the time of deletion, if you change your mind later.
Facebook is an open community where almost everyone from the world is the member of this social platform. Exactly, this is the place where is the flood of traffic. So almost everyone is there, many of them are the teen agers, businessmen, and friends and like that. Where teenagers enjoys with their friends, businessmen promotes their products etc. I think you are also with this great network and enjoys. But someone doesn’t think this is helpful for them, I don’t know why, but I think they have any special reason and they want to delete their Facebook account permanently. Maybe you are also from those guys who don’t want to come again on Facebook, if yes then this article which will guide you that how to delete a Facebook account permanently.
This article will show you the official way of how to delete a Facebook account permanently. If you don’t think you need your Facebook account again then you can request your Facebook account deletion. Please remember if you are really going to delete your Facebook account then you will be not able to recover it again after the deletion period.

If you are agree with above term then see the below easy to follow step by step tutorial. Maybe if you think you need a copy of your profile then please go to backup Facebook information.
If you downloaded the copy of your Facebook information then follow the below guide to permanently delete your Facebook account.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently?
To delete your Facebook account permanently you need to go to the official page of deletion, going to delete Facebook account permanently.
You will see a confirmation message, which will be ask you really delete or not. If you really want to delete your Facebook account permanently then please type your current password in the password box and then click on submit.

After entering and submitting for account deletion you will be see a message such ‘account successfully scheduled for deletion’. So according to that message you will only be able to recover your account before the period of deletion. The period of deletion is 14 days from the date of submitting. If you change your mind later (within 14 days) then you don’t have to worry, you can always log in to your account to prevent deletion.

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So that was the little official trick to delete your Facebook account permanently and I think you enjoyed the trick. You can also thank to me commenting, joining via various social media and subscribing with your email address. If you want to get our features updates directly to your inbox then you need to submit your email address to us. And please remember this was only a trick which is only for those guys who really don’t know how to delete a Facebook account permanently, so according to this trick I don’t want to harm the Facebook Company.

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