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How to Hide Files In Android without using any App?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Hi Android Lovers, I am again here with a latest, useful, interesting and fantastic trick which is really easy to compliment. So what I am going to show you? Yes, how to hide any files and folders in android without using any app. What do you think am I going to tell you that you need a third party app to do so? No man, you do not need any other app to do this trick, because you have already a ‘full stop (.)’ installed in your android phone. Right?
So read below steps to hide files and folders in android without any third party app. But in simple words you just need a ‘full stop’. Really, you don’t know what I said now? Ok let me explain. I said that you need a full stop which is its mean. We are going to use a full stop to hide our file or folder in android just in simple steps. We have to rename our any one file and have to put a ‘full stop (.)’ before the name. Is that clear?

What Is the Features Of This Trick?
This Works without Internet Connection
No Any Computer Needed
No Any Third Party’s App Needed
No Any Other Special Skills Needed
No Time Consuming
No Matters Which File Is It
Hide Directly a Folder If Needed
Hide Pictures, Videos, Songs and Documents

Okay let me mention some interesting things about why we need to hide our files or folders from others. Do we need this trick? No, we extremely need this trick. Why? 1st. Because if your any data which you don’t want to show that with your friend or family then this trick will help to hide your data from others. If you don’t want to be shown your data with others after losing your phone, then this will be helpful to you and in other such situations. Think! What you need to do this trick? Nothing Na? Only just a ‘full stop (.)’. So why you are waiting for just try this one and be smart front of anyone. You will be able to hide any files and folders including photos, videos, audios, documents and any other files folders from gallery or memory card, without any app.

How to hide files and folders from android without any third party app?
Below are the basic and understandable steps and guides to hide any data in android without using a third party app. First at all you need data which you want to hide. If you have already then please carefully follow the below steps. This trick works with almost all versions and models of android.

How To Hide Files And Folders In Android Using Full Stop?
Choose your file which you want to hide. For example my file is ‘abcxyz.kmq’.
Now go to menu of that file, here you will get copy, cut, rename etc.
Click on option ‘rename’ to rename that file. This is the main part of this trick and can’t be left any steps.
Now as my file ‘abcxyz.kmq’ you will get also like that.
You have to add a full stop just before the name of that file, such as ‘.abcxyz.kmq’.
Now save that file and then you are done.
Now look at your file, is it still there? If yes then go to the file menu and then select ‘hide hidden files’. That’s it.

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