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Ultimate Post of - 8 Most Useful Facebook Tricks

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Today I am going to mention some needed and useful tricks about Facebook. As we know Facebook is the most popular and growing social media network where at least everyone from the globe created their personal account for their needs such as for their product promotion, content promotion, meeting individuals or just for wasting their time. So they all do something there, I think you have also created an account on Facebook. Right?
Okay! So sometime we need some additional tasks on Facebook which is not a feature of Facebook. As an example we want to change the theme of Facebook but we can’t do this anymore officially, because there is no any such option to modify the theme of Facebook as per our need. So this is the point where I am and want to share my own researched trick to do some additional and needed tasks.
  • Sending large files on the Facebook – Max 1GB
Just by using a Facebook app called ‘pipe App’ you can do this. You can upload files with maximum 1GB of size. You can store it for a full week means total 7 days. So now you can send your friends your large data easily but remember they need to download within 7 days after that file will be automatically deleted.
  • Find out who the hell unfriended you – Unfriend Alerts
This one is an interesting feature by which you can find your broken friendship. I have only one app after searching for hours and day, because many apps are out there claiming that they can do, but in my research they all are fake and brain eater. By the way you have not to think so much, just download an app called ‘unfriend alerts’. Using this app you will get automatic notifications whenever you get unfriended by someone.
  • Change Facebook Themes Easily – Facebook Themes
Most of the Facebook users want to change the old boring blue color theme. If you are from those guys who are not happy with the theme of the Facebook then you need to download an extension called ‘Facebook Themes’. Using this extension you have a number of color choices to select one to implement. There are also a lot of additional themes to use, just give it a try.
  • Facebook Fake Wall Post – The Wall Machine
What if you will get wall posts by one of your favourite celebrities? Amazing, Right? Yes you can do that just by installing ‘The Wall Machine’. This app allows creating custom status, so you can use it to prank with your friends. Use it and make your friends fool.
  • Stop Facebook From Tracking You – Facebook Disconnect
Do you know Facebook tracks you; my mean is probably you don’t know but the Facebook stores your activities of each click, interests and such things. To stop sharing your personal information you need to download a browser extension called ‘Facebook Disconnect’. Just install this extension and protect your activities on the internet.
  • Combine Profile Picture And Cover Photo – Tricked Out Timeline
This way you can combine your profile picture and cover photo like seamless photo. It looks cool and amazing; to use it you need to use an app called ‘Tricked Out Timeline’. Just use it to upload your image then turn it into a seamless combo picture.
  • Make Facebook Talk Like A Pirate – Facebook’s Official Feature
This is a Facebook’s official feature, using this technique you can translate automatically all of your friend's posts and status into pirate language. To enable it you need to first go to your Facebook’s account settings page then click on edit button in ‘Language’ section there. Now choose an option called English (Pirate), that’s it.
  • Find Hidden Unread Messages – Facebook’s Official Feature
Do you know, maybe some other peoples out of your friend list also sending you message but you don’t know where it is. Actually Facebook automatically filters those messages sent by your friends of friend and move it to a folder called other in message section. Find out the messages simply clicking bubble icon at top of the page then choose other.

I hope you liked this article. If yes then please share this on your any social profile. You can also join this blog using your email address to get more future interesting articles directly to your inbox. Enjoy!

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