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Top 5 Best Security Apps For Android Device 2016

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
This is my second post on this blog, I hope you read my first post 'How to Choose Best Security App for Android?'. Today I am here to give you the result of my little research, here I will talk about top 5 best security apps for android. We all know about security, data protection, privacy, etc related. But you know? why to use an android security app or why not to use? To understand that terms please read our first of first article here.
5 Real best most popular security apps for android.
5 Best Security Apps for Android platform 2016
  • Cheetah Mobile (CM) Security
All the aspect I said can be solved with CM Security, Which is coming from popular Clean-Master developers. They are providing a great level of protection. Once the scan process is finished, You can get some other useful features too such as a Privacy Adviser and Secure Browsing. You can also clean up all kind of junk files with their provided add-on, which can be downloaded. Really! The app has all the security features, and it packed in 2.8 MB. The RAM usage is so low, under 5 to 10 MB. So you have to choose CM Security firstly, that is a great security app with its awesome features, and we really like that. Secondly you can't get any type of ads and also you don't have to pay any bucks, so its a 100% free security app. Find out more about CM Security on play-store.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
I think you know that this is the most used programs in Windows. Its developers decided to give a version for Android. This is a 100% free application for android that will allow everything we want. On the main screen you will get 3 buttons: Scan Now, App Manager and Privacy Manager. We are able to easily spot apps that are allowed to access our personal data. So there is really no doubt that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a easy to use application for android and will make our device safe. RAM usage is between 10~15 MB. Find out more about Malwarebytes on play-store.
  • avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus
avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus is a really good security app for android devices. There are Applications Management option that acts as a RAM monitoring and task killing tool. If you have a rooted device than this one app is a really interesting security application for you. Because there are two options One for rooted devices and other for non-rooted device. Some Anti-theft components can be used in Non-Rooted Device but Rooted Device Can use all its features. But features like app-locking, anti-theft and adware features is in the full version, but you can lock 2 apps. Installation size is less than 12 MB, The RAM is 15-20 MB while idle. Find out more about avast mobile security on play-store.
  • Comodo Mobile Security
Comodo Mobile Security is my 4th best awesome anti-malware security app with some best utilities that helps protecting our privacy, data and device with 100% free to use. Checks for update automatically but you have to confirm there first. Included anti-malware, Process Manager, Traffic Monitoring and Call & SMS Blocking tools. There are some good tools too but needs a rooted device to work like USSD protection etc. Comodo has improved their attack defense. RAM usage is so small 4~9 MB (while idle). You Can View More about Comodo Security on Play-Store.
  • Lookout Security & Antivirus
This app is one of them that is one of the first security app that was developed for the Android. After installing it, its automatically scans your device in order to protect. And a feature that you will love a phone-locator tool. Included USSD protection, battery and more such features. RAM usage is 15~20 MB in average while idle. But some great features like Safe Browsing, Privacy Advisor and Remote Lock and Wipe are now in premium version but you can use all its features for free in trial version for 14 days. So Lookout Mobile Security App is definitely a great anti-malware application. You Can View More on Play-Store about lookout.
  • Last Points: Best Security Apps For Android 2016
Choose only one app for your device in order to really protect. Don't use two or more security or task-killer apps. Avoid killing tasks, because its harmful. You must review that app before installing and using. You have 
So these are some great and useful security apps that you can use it for your data/device security purpose. These application are copyrighted by there respective owners. We will meet again with some best apps. If you have any kind of problem, suggestion etc, Contact Me. Don't forget to share this post please.

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