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How to Choose Best Android Security App in 2016?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Hi this is the first post on the blog, in this post I am talking about a serious question 'Do we need to choose a security app for an android device?' If yes, then which aspects to consider while choose a good one? Read below: All the aspects to consider while choosing a security app for android, Why to install a security app in android or why not to.
As we know Android is a one of the most increasing popularity Operating System. In today's world increased security threats, malware to advanced Phishing and ID theft techniques. So I am here to help Android users to deal with these issues. Many security company have launched Android security apps, but how we know which one is the real best security app for our Android smartphone especially when there's a lot of choice of free security apps. So I am covered some best Security apps that cover all our needs security suites with Anti-Theft capabilities.
How to choose best android security app for android smartphone?

Can my Smartphone get infected with a virus?

Simply NO. Because, Android apps working under a sand-boxed security scheme. That places virtual walls between apps and device’s main software, so in the point an app can share resources and data is by only declaring permissions which restrict what actions an app can perform on your smartphone, what files it can reach, get access to your personal data or not and whatever. Sand-boxy limits the virus capacity to cannot access data from the OS or other parts of the device. But without a specific user-granted permission. Viruses are only a fraction , there are many types of security threats such as Spyware, Trojans, Exploits and Fake Apps. So may be you got it now.

Why do I need to install an Antivirus ? If Android cannot be infected with a virus.
Although now we know that our Smartphone cannot get infected with a virus because of the above said reasons. But it doesn't mean that we have an impregnable Operating System. But its popularity has turned it into the famous around the globe. Although many security software companies are developing security apps for android devices in their term and conditions, They actually provide anti-malware apps bundled with best privacy and best anti-theft protection. So point is what was the reason that made these companies to insist on the antivirus term? Because it become rather, giving the wrong idea or impression when it comes to Android, which is working in a fully different way to Windows and others. Some companies have labeled their respective apps as Mobile Security, Anti-malware whatever apps instead. Which sound like more proper terms/condition. So keep this point in your mind, that security apps are only and only a part of the solution, but main protection come from your common sense.

To what extent is Android exposed to security and other malicious threats?
As we know that Android device have popularity, so there are currently more than 1,600,000 (July 2015) apps available in the Android's Play Store, which generated 60 billion downloads in 2014 alone. therefore, there is plenty of potential malware and other security threats . It is there where security apps finds their meaning. Kaspersky Labs reported that the number of malicious apps for Android has hit the 10 million mark in February 2014.
So we know our android cannot be infected and but why we need a security app. Downloading apps from the Play Store is the best way, but this not a mean that Play-store guarantees that the apps are 100% safe. A security app can't help much, no matter how good it is, if you are one of those person who installs any app just for their enjoy. If you are a very careful user and really need to protect than this is a recommendation than use only real helpful apps. You have to just remember that protecting your Android device with their data is always your responsibility, mean yours only and only. So no any app can help you like what you want, but consider when choosing a security app for Android.

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These are the some needed aspects we consider when choosing a security app:
Anti Malware Engine: Must have ability to find and delete threat apps or scripts in the app.
Extra Protection: Some security apps included a set of built-in extra protection like Secure Web Browsing, Spam filter, Application Protection, Remote Wipe etc. Choose that if one or more of these extra protection are provided.
Privacy Advisor: The privacy adviser function must have the ability of listing all the installed applications and games and classify their risk with details based on the permissions.
USSD Exploit Protection: May be you know what is USSD code, If not then listen USSD codes are special dialed commands. USSD Codes can be used to access a lot of phone functions. If this one is included, then we can block this kind of attacks.
Extra tools: Some of them has Call & Message filtering , App Blocking, Contacts Back-up, Apps Backup, Backup and Restore, etc features. So these features can be useful or help us.
System resources: As we know that no matter how the good a security app, so it cannot be considered as a great app if it is talking more about RAM or with an bucket of ads. After all ! We do not want to kill apps but just wanted to keep our Android smartphone working and give away from expensive internet mobile data traffic to ads.
Battery Tools (optional): These days phones gone smart and batteries are dead. So have some more extra function like Hibernating, Temperature Guard etc. These tools can help notify about battery like temperature, capacity etc.

Android Device Manager - An Official Product By Google
As we know that Google has launched its own anti-theft app (Android Device Manager). There are same functions than other anti-theft app. Android Device Manager has ability to locate, wipe, lock any android device remotely. And also featuring a good thing that you can change your device's unlock password remotely. Android Device Manager only works with 2.3 and upper versions. If you want to install it then find out more about Android Device Manager on play-store, May be you like it. We reviewed 5 great security applications for android smartphones and tablets with all the needed aspects. Check it out here. If you liked this post then please share with your friends.

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