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How to Send Auto Facebook Birthday Wishes?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
As we know guys Facebook is a largest Social Networking Platform, where almost every person from the world has created an account on it. There are many interesting things and features which makes Facebook a better place than other social platforms. Anyway I came here with a really fantastic trick which is “How to auto send a facebook birthday post wishing message on your Facebook friend’s timeline behalf you?”.
Everyone knows how Facebook provides their services if compared to other platforms. Obviously, this is great place to start communicating with your friends, family, clients and co-workers. But Facebook could be more better place by adding some new features like auto facebook birthday wishes, Changing the Theme, etc. But they don’t because adding these features can harm their experience and company. Because, you know how it will be known, “a FakeBook”.
Anyway, you know how Facebook is interesting platform for us, and how we are spending our time there. While many of them are in regular habit to make a lots of new friends from the world and enjoy with them. Maybe you also made lots of friend there but are you able to post a birthday wish to each of your friend’s timeline at the time? Obviously No! So this is the point behind of this article, which I am going to describe below.
If I ask you how many friends you made on the Facebook then defiantly you will say more than your real friends. So it becomes difficult to wish each and every Facebook friends at the right time, because it is hard, due to our time management or memory. So according to the title, I found a trick which will let you automatically post your desired wish to each of your friend’s timeline at the right time. But you don’t have to worry about it, because this trick going to help you in your own way. Follow the below mentioned steps and tell your friends that you are really smart and I can’t forget about your birthday. Defiantly this trick will increase your smartness and attention of your friends. And a most important and interesting thing is, that your friends are don’t know if you use it, means: about this automatic system. So follow the below easy and few steps to be smart (every steps is important).

Automatically Wish your Facebook Friends on their Birthdays.
Step 1:
You have to visit a website called “birthdayPilot” to automatically post happy birthday wishes on your Facebook friend’s birthday on their timeline. So first go to, typing in your browser’s address/URL bar. You will see there a sign-in option via Facebook, just click on it as shown in screenshot.

Step 2:
After clicking on that ‘sign-in option’ you will get a new window where you need to sign in with Facebook and then allow it to use your Facebook account clicking on the ’OK’ button. See screenshot above.

Step 3:
After that you have to open “” in a new tab. After opening that link in a new tab just find a link called “Birthdays”. For your easy see above screen shot. And then right click on it to copy link address.

Step 4:
After copying that link address you have to switch to the “birthdayPilot” tab where you will see a little box saying paste that link. Just do it and then click import friends as shown in screen shot above.

Step 5:
That’s done, now you will see a little popup which is asking your country/territory. Choose one right from that list and then click save.

Step 6:
Now this is the last step of setting an account. You will see now a settings page where you have to fill out those blanks with actual details. Do it and then click ‘Start using BirthdayPilot!’. Don’t forget to add your message which will be posted every time on your friend’s timeline. As an option you can use “<FirstName>” to automatically place your friend’s name anywhere.

Step 7:
Now this is the end of steps of wishing automatically your FB friends on their birthday. But to give you better insight you have to click on ‘Upcoming Birthdays’ to get a list of all of your Facebook friends. However, you will not see any direct option of auto wishing but you can schedule all of your friends by clicking each of those schedule buttons.

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If you are from the United States then you will get more features of 'BirthdayPilot' such as Direct Messenger messages and Greeting Cards. And you can also grab their premium features just by spending your few bucks.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, so you can share it with your friends to help them. By the way, this is not a recommendation because this is an unofficial tool which is totally unhealthy for the Facebook. So they have all the rights to manage your Facebook account and permission to delete any service as their terms and conditions. Alright, Good Luck and Enjoy.

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