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How to Design Logo Using MS Paint for Your Blog?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
So you are here to design a logo for your company or website. Alright, I am here to guide you through MS paint by which you will learn ‘How to Draw a Logo using MS paint’. Recent researches find that a unique and effective logo can maximize the company’s brand and its performance. An effective logo can make your customers and clients buy your resources and products. A good logo can increase your brand value and popularity as well as your business.
How to design an effective logo for your business, website and blog?
This is true that a great and appropriate logo is more than thousands of words and images. Because its plays an important role in telling the story of a brand or business such as who you are, how you take care of your customers, what you do and what you stand for, etc. And so to answer all of those questions a business or company needs a solid and effective art which is called its goodwill, a Great and effective LOGO. While designing an effective logo you need to take care of your products, website design and eminence of your business and brand.

How to design a logo easily using Microsoft Paint?
I hope you will design a best logo for your blog, business or website taking care of above points. Alright, let’s begin the process of drawing a logo on MS Paint. I am sure this guide will help you designing your best one. Because I have added all the aspects to design a logo with screenshots of every steps. In this tutorial I am going to design a custom logo for ‘Blogger’, you can choose your own. But remember, to make a more attractive logo you need some good fonts.

Step: 1.
First at all open your Microsoft paint. You can find it going to ‘START>Accessories>Paint’ if you are using Windows 7. Open that program.

Step: 2.
After opening the MS paint you need to decide that how you want to design your logo such as its shape, size, type, font, effect, etc. As I am going to design a custom logo for the Blogger, you need to choose your own steps to design another one. So now choose the shape you want to add to your logo. Then minimize or maximize it using one of the corners of that shape to fit as your need. See screen shot above.

Step: 3.
So we made the shape with the help of above steps. Now we have to fill the best color in it by clicking on that color filler bucket. After choosing that color bucket just move to the shape and click on it to fill. You can choose your color from the right.

Step: 4.
Now our shape is ready, to add some texts in it just click on ‘A’ icon from upper side. You can change your text size, color, type and style from those above buttons. As I am doing it for blogger, I have only added ‘B’ in it. You can do it yourself by thinking about your site, brand, etc.

Step: 5.
My logo is ready and now it need to be saved in my hard-drive. Is your? Okay, let save it by following below last step.

Step: 6.
To save your logo in your hard-drive, click on ‘Menu>Save As’. Choose your desired type of image extension to save with. And then you will see a pop up window. There you have to name the logo file with your desired one. And then click save. That’s it.

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I hope you have enjoyed doing this tutorial and made a best one for your business blog or website. You can share it with your friends to say thanks or just join our blog using your email address to get more future interesting articles directly in your inbox without a wait. By the way, designing a logo for your business, product, website or blog is not hard as it sounds like but making it unique and special is little bit difficult. I already did an answer which is a logo can answer every question about your business or company that who you are, what you stands for, etc.

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