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Crop an Image without any 3rd Software – Windows

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Cropping is easy but important step to consider while customizing or editing a picture. Almost every image editing program is featured with their own image cropping tool which helps you to cut down any missed or bad part of an image. Alright, not every pictures needs to be cropped.
I think there are two ways to crop a picture in all versions of Microsoft Windows by default. Mean, cropping pictures without any third party software. Maybe, there are other ways to do that about which I am not aware. I have only two ideas about cropping an image in MS windows without any 3rd party software which I am going to share in below tutorial.

Method-1. How to Crop a Photo using Microsoft Office Picture Manager?
Step:1. You can directly go to editing by right clicking on any picture you want to edit/crop and then Open with> Microsoft Office Picture Manager. See example below.

Step:2. After opening that picture in Microsoft Picture Manager using above step you will see an ‘Edit Pictures’ button at the above strip. Just click on it to go to edit mode. After that you will see a button called “CROP” at the right hand sidebar, so just now click on it the begin the step of cropping. See below screenshot.

Step:3. After following second step you need to click on those corners and points to resize and crop the image as per your need. After that just click on ‘Save Button’ from the right sidebar. See below.

Step:4. Now it done, so this is the time to save it. You can directly save it by using (Ctrl+S) combination but if you want to save it as a new image then you have to click on ‘FILE’ from the above strip then choose ‘SAVE AS’.

Step:5. Now Select your location where you want to save that image. After choosing rename your picture and then click SAVE. That’s it.

Method:2. How to crop an image using Microsoft paint?

Step:1. First at all right click on an image and then hover on ‘Open With’. After that click on ‘Paint’.

Step:2. Now your image will be open in MS paint mode. There you will see some icons and Menu texts at the above strip. Click on Selection tool to select some part of image which needs to be cropped. Then click on crop, That’s it.

Step:3. Now this is the time to save it up. So you can just use (Ctrl+S) to quickly save it by overwriting previous image. Or if you want to save it as a different file then click on Menu Icon and then choose save as. Now select your desired location to save then rename it after that click on Save button.

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I know there are various methods to crop an image but in my nature of view there are only two methods to crop an image by pre-installed tools in Microsoft Windows. Let me know if you think I have missed any step or anything in this article. I will be happy listening to you.
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