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5 Best Lite Apps for Android Phone - Save Memory

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
As you know that many developers make android apps only to take advantage of high performance and experience. They just add unnecessary functions with the high graphic interface which makes their app installable only on devices with high specification. But as a fact, many people like me don’t want to see and use high animated apps which make their android phone slower. They add flashy interactions to make their app beautiful and suitable for their users but they forget about the users with low-end android devices.
5 Best Lite Apps for Android Phone - Save Memory
Not every developer makes their app only for looking purpose, some of them are just the real developers who also customized their apps for peoples with low-end android devices. So here you will see the top 5 best lightweight apps for android. First, 3 apps are for security and cache cleaning and 2 apps are for internet purposes, such as Facebook lite and UC browser mini. Let’s check out below best lite apps for android or lite versions of apps and replace your previous apps with these if needed.

#1. Clean Master Lite Version - Clean master lite download.
5 Best Lite Apps for Android Phone - Save Memory
This app is the lite version of the popular Clean Master app. It allows you to save up your phone’s storage and memory with the smallest installation package. By cleaning up your phone’s storage and memory, your device wouldn’t hang than before. Your device won’t run out of space again and give you the best of the best experience and touch speed. The app will just save up your phone’s memory, storage, battery and your valuable time.
I think Clean Master Lite app will be the right best app for you if your phone have less than 2 GB of storage and 512 MB of RAM. Because it has effective ability to accelerate and safest cleaning engine to protect your phone. The app just requires less than 4 MB of data to download and maximum 10 MB of disc space to install on your phone.

Main Key Features:
1. Less installation size (3-4 MB)
2. Less space requirement (6-10 MB)
3. Less RAM usage (3-15 MB)
4. Antivirus scan & protection
5. Safest technology to make your phone faster
6. Best junk file cleaning method
7. Easy phone boost technology
8. Saves the phone battery

#2. CM Security Lite - Antivirus - CM Security Lite download
5 Best Lite Apps for Android Phone - Save Memory
This is another lowest resources consumption security app for android. The app with its features is great just in smallest installation (1.2 MB) size. This app is just the lite version of the popular security app called CM Security which also features more trusted antivirus technology inside the app.

Main Key Features:
1. Smallest installation size
2. Privacy protection
3. NO.1 Antivirus engine
4. Live scanning while browsing
5. Almost every security feature

#3. 360 Security Lite - 360 Security Lite Download
5 Best Lite Apps for Android Phone - Save Memory
This is another great android security app which features enhanced privacy protection, battery saver, memory boost technology and such great functions. You can call it all in one android security tool. This app is the light version of popular security app called 360 Security. This little package is also able to protect your privacy and make your phone unusable for others.

Main key features:
1. Less installation size (4 MB)
2. Low memory and space usage
3. Performance optimizer
4. Speed booster
5. Battery Saver
6. Powerful Antivirus
7. Background apps optimization
8. Junk cleaner
9. Cache Cleaner

#4. Facebook Lite - Facebook lite apps download
5 Best Lite Apps for Android Phone - Save Memory
The best app ever made by the Facebook team for their users. The facebook light app usage less memory to run in your android with a tiny installation package. This app works in all network condition and with every data SIM. The main app of Facebook requires a lot of space to install and a lot of memory to run in your android with no best experience because it is too slow in poor network condition (personal experience). Maybe you already know that. So this Facebook lite app will be the best one for you if you have a low-end device with low storage and RAM or if you belong to low network area.

Main Key Features of Facebook Lite App:
1. Less than 1 MB installation size
2. Less Memory usage (2-5)
3. Less storage usage (3-6)
4. Supports low-end devices
5. Supports old android versions
6. Uses less data
7. Best experience in 2g network

#5. UC Browser Mini - Smooth - UC Browser Lite download
5 Best Lite Apps for Android Phone - Save Memory
UC Browser is a popular and award-winning web browsing tool which gives us great browsing experience with super fast loading speed. After the success of UC browser, its developers also made a tiny sized browser as UC browser Mini. The tiny sized UC browser mini is very appreciable because it is too fast than the Original UC browser. It is also featured with a downloading function which accelerates your downloading speed. So it is totally made for the Android devices with less storage and lower memory.

Main Key Features:
1. Less installation size
2. Fastest browsing
3. Smart downloading
4. Video player
5. Incognito browsing
6. Night mode

I hope you have liked those free lightweight apps for android and already replaced in your device. You can write your words or suggestions in the comment box below or tell us about any other app you think is better than any listed.
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  1. Thank you very much for your Article.It is one of the best information for me.I am very happy to know about the best Lite Apps for Android Phone Save Memory. I already face such issue with my phone.I had so many unwanted apps are there.But I want to delete it because of my lack of storage space.But your article helps me to know about more information apps for android phone.

  2. Excellent list Purushottam. I am using clear Master for my android phone..

    Ron SMith
    Travel Expert in Voyages Booth

  3. Good stuff Uttam. I didn't know Clean Master had a lite version. I used to run it on my Nook but it took up too many resources so I killed it. As for Facebook... I refuse to put it on my phone because I don't want it tracking me. :-)

    1. Yeh.., the clean master app takes too much ram to work but its lite version is just awesome, you must try it and thanks for landing.


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