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How to Change Font in Android Using iFont App?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
The ifont app is one of the best Font Installer for Android devices with hundreds of professional, funny, handwriting and popular fonts. The app is mainly designed for Android users, so it allows users to directly install or replace with beautiful fonts in their android Smartphone. People just love this app because of easy to follow instructions, interface, design and navigation with at least no headache. This is really the best app for custom font lovers as it is also providing a search feature, with it; you can directly download and install your desired font in your android just by searching for it.
Beautiful Font is a part of our happy lifestyle because it makes you happy, clean minded and unique. So why not to replace your android stock font with a really cool or dangerous one? Alright, here you will see a detailed guide with easy step by step process to change your android’s font.
How to Change Font in Android Using iFont App?
How to change or replace your stock android font with a beautiful and cool one using the iFont app?
Remember the iFont app requires the rooted device to install a custom font in android. If you don’t have rooted android device, you can’t change the font with this method or root your phone using this one guide to properly install your needed one in your device. The app works with 2.3 and up versions of android with at least 50 MB of space and 512 MB of RAM.
I hope you have already rooted your phone in a manner way, so now this is the time to implement below steps to get the fonts installed on your android phone or tablet.

Step: 1. First at all you need to download the iFont app from the play store. You can do so by searching it on the store or internet. Or just click this play store link here to directly go for the download.

Step: 2. After downloading the iFont app, it may require you to install it in your phone (if it is downloaded from the external source), so do it right now.
How to Change Font in Android Using iFont App?
Now this is the time to open the app for the first use, follow the first use instructions and notes in that app if needed. You have to allow it if it asks you for the root privilege.
How to Change Font in Android Using iFont App?

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Step: 3. After allowing it, search for the font you like to install in your android and download it after seeing/confirming the font samples there. I am going to choose 'Walkway', you can choose your own desired one.
How to Change Font in Android Using iFont App?
Step: 4. After choosing your desired font just click on it to go for the download, your will see some font preview there.
How to Change Font in Android Using iFont App?
Step: 4. Now the next step is to set it on your device, so just click out that button called ‘SET’.
How to Change Font in Android Using iFont App?
You will see a message there like below screen shot which is saying like your phone will automatically reboot just after installing the font in your phone, read it to confirm and click ‘OK’.
How to Change Font in Android Using iFont App?
Step: 5. That was the last step of the process. Now your phone will automatically reboot within seconds with a really cool and amazing font installed in it. Remember the reboot process may take some time; it depends on your phone and android version.

I hope you carefully implemented those above steps to replace your stock android font and feeling happy seeing your desired one. But in case, you have any type of query, please ask us here right below the sharing tab. We will be happy listening to you. Share it with your friends to help them change their also.

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