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5 Best Free Android Music Player with Equalizer

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Songs and music make you feel relaxed even you are not in your mood, I know not all the time but this is true. There are a lot of music player through you can smoothly play your music on your Smartphone or tablet. Which one you are going to choose and install for better performance and best user experience? Right, this is not as easy to choose a good one music player app if there are thousands of choices.
5 Best Free Android Music Player with Equalizer
So after spending of hours on our research and experiment, we are here with some great android music players. From which you can choose for your android device. So let’s choose one your best free android music player for your mobile or tablet. We have also included the links to the play store app page to help you securely download and install into your device.

#1. n7player Music Player
5 Best Free Android Music Player with Equalizer
n7player Music Player is an enhanced, intuitive and free audio player with an innovative way to choose, browse and play your music. It has advanced user-friendly interface which makes it first on my list and has more than 10 million downloads with 4.5 stars out of 5. Allows quick access to currently playing music. Supports at least all formats such as mp3, Ogg, etc. Can play as directories such as albums, artists, and tracks with high-quality audio. It has a built-in 10-band equalizer feature with some popular presets or you can create your own. It has the ability to allow you to tune everything as you wish.
Allows visual customizations of every element. You will have also a great feature called Tag Editor by which you can edit the tags of every music file to make it detailed next time. It can also play some type of video files such as 3gp, mp4, Mkv, etc. Normal features such as repeat on or all, shuffle, etc with stream support. It requires Android version 3.1 and up with minimum memory and storage requirements.

#2. Laya Music Player
5 Best Free Android Music Player with Equalizer
This one is simple, easy and with highly customized user-friendly interface which helps users access their songs and music on their simple fingertips. It has also some good features like easy browsing, enhanced UI and a good 5-band equalizer system with bass boost and 3d surround virtualizer. Allows browsing and playing music by directories like albums, artists, genres, etc. It supports all the standard and major music file types such as mp3, aac, etc. It has 4 stars out of 5 on the play store market. It requires minimum resources with android 2.1 and up support.

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As above two music players, this one is also with the graphic equalizer with 10-band and various sound effects. It needs some other plug-in for some great features such as crystallizer, AM3D Audio Enhancer, and Bongiovi DPS. It has the ability to play a sound file smoothly with better listening with the support of popular sound files such as mp3, Wav, Ogg, Wma and more. It has the ability to provide a wide array of listening experience with 32 equalizers presets or you can create your own preset. It has some great features like playback speed control and crossfading. If you go for its pro version you will get some more great features like 20-bands graphic equalizer, tag editor, display lyrics in the tag, 2 lock screens, 14 app widgets with different sizes, pitch shifter, precise playback speed control and much more. This app got 4.4 stars on the market with low resources usage.

#4. Just Music Player
5 Best Free Android Music Player with Equalizer
It is a multipurpose android music player that can be installed on any android phone or tablet. It features best listening experience with high-quality output. It is fast to browse and quick play as all the above music apps. It supports streaming with 100.000+ songs and artists. Simple streamer and music player UI. Supports popular music file formats such as mp3. It is also with an equalizer feature which can make your music more clear as per your need. Some other great features support such as visualizer, album art with cover, playlist organizer, share option, volume and bass boosters, best skins, lyrics and much more.

#5. BlackPlayer Music Player
5 Best Free Android Music Player with Equalizer
This app is with the Black interface as per its name with stunning features. The best one is that it is totally free without any ads. It is fast and easy to use. Main key features are same as other above apps such as supports major file formats with built-in equalizer. It has also bass boost with 3D surround virtualizer. You will have also another method to fit the sound quality as per your need by using any other external equalizer. It supports Flac 4.1 and up with gapless playback. Can edit and view embedded lyrics with HD album cover management. Can edit tags such as track, album, and artist. Changeable themes with the support of fonts and color changing.

I hope that you will definitely like one from these best free android music players. If you think something I missed up here to provide or you have any other best android music player with equalizer then please let us know, we will try to update this article. We need to listen to you because you are from those who taken care to read this article. And yes don’t forget to share this article with your friends or audience on these best social networks.

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