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Top 7 Best Gallery App for Android 2016

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur

Beautifully arrange your photos and videos with these best android gallery apps. These gallery apps are best for your desired needs. These all are with fast launching, light weight package, and amazing modern design. I sure you will defienetly love these if you take care.
Top 7 Best Gallery App for Android 2016
There are 7 different gallery apps we have listed here after our hours of research. Maybe you are already loving another one but I just want you to look at it once. Because I am sure. You already know that there are hundreds of apps over the store but choosing a right and beautiful is the little bit difficult. So why not, you look at this review of lists of best android gallery apps?

#1. QuickPic Gallery
Top 7 Best Gallery App for Android 2016
The QuickPic Gallery app is best, it has many great features. It is fast, lightest and modern looking. This app is actually loved by more than 10 million peoples. It has 4.6 of rating on the Google play store. It is packed with colorful themes, beautiful design, immersive and transparent layered interface. You will be able to browse your hundreds or thousands of photos quickly. Its smooth interface is much optimized for the best user experience. It is best for large screens with multiple finger gestures.
The best thing about it is that it comes with a great layer of privacy protection. With the help of this, you can easily hide your private visual media files and protect them with a password. Protecting here can hide you media files from all the Gallery apps. So no one will get a chance to view your files without your permission. It comes with powerful management features such as sorting, renaming files, creating new folders, copying or moving files and much more. It offers fastest CM Cloud to backup and restorations with password protection. It comes with a little set of picture editor features such as rotating, shrinking, croping, etc. As well as it supports at least all the popular video and picture file types with online album support.

#2. A+ Gallery Photos & Videos
Top 7 Best Gallery App for Android 2016
A+ Gallery Photos & Videos is another one best gallery app which is designed for android phones. Actually, it has the look of iPhone stylish gallery. It supports the online album with full-feature albun organizer. You can call it a combination of Android and iPhone Gallery design combination. It can arrange your files with lots of views. It also shows your photo on the Google map. It features a free cloud backup to Facebook, Dropbox and Amazon to backup or restores your memories in the future. You can also search your photos by image color. It comes with beautiful designs and animations which make you feel loved. You can view or arrange your photos by Year and by Date. You can search, find and filter photos by color with quick browsing feel. Some handy features of this app are handy photo and albums organizer, edit/copy/move/delete/share photos, set as wallpaper, set as the contact photo, create/move/hide/favroite albums, Scan all of your high definition photos from Sdcard and much more.

#3. Photo Gallery 3D & HD
Top 7 Best Gallery App for Android 2016
It is another best one android photo gallery which is called Photo Gallery 3D & HD. It is native system gallery for android phones and tablets. It provides easy and quick access to your photos and videos as another best gallery apps. It comes with awesome 3D effects, so you will defenietly love it. It supports more than 20 photo and video file formats. It is fast, realistic and easy to manage your photos and videos. It supports set as wallpaper feature to make the best image as your wallpaper. It comes with a photo editing feature with all the common tools in mind such as cropping, rotating, etc. You can view details and preview in the slideshow with sharing feature.

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#4. Gallery for Android
Top 7 Best Gallery App for Android 2016
This app is also known as MyRoll Gallery app for android. This is really a fastest growing app which comes with a lot of amazing features. The amazing thing is that it supports Android wear devices. It is really a great replacement for those who are looking for clean, fast and simple gallery app for their android device.
You can organize and arrange your photos and videos by date, time, events and location. It has the great ability to share a bunch of photos and videos from the app, just with a single tap. It supports many social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc as well as WhatsApp. It also helps you to create Facebook albums. It has some intelligent features such as Smart Mode to create a more personalized gallery and intelligent notifications to help you redisocover your lost photos. As QuickPic, it also provides the great layer of protection by providing you safe and secure 50GB of cloud storge.

#5. F-Stop Media Gallery
Top 7 Best Gallery App for Android 2016
F-Stop Media Gallery for Android is very lightweight and fast gallery app which comes with more than best features. It provides professional tools with the clean and attractive interface. It consumes less storage, memory, and time while providing great and un-beatable features. It is fully supported by Android’s latest version. Instant searches provide you your desired photos and videos just analyzing its name and metadata such as tags, etc. Also, have the ability to browse medai on a map with integrated Google maps. Provides many themes to choose. It can play animated GIFs. Sharing features make it more user-friendly, it supports most popular social platforms such as Snapseed, WhatsApp, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more. Can hide desired videos and images from other apps with the help of inbuilt password protection. It supports slideshow with best of best transition effects. You will have more amazing and great features that can’t be found on any other app, need to upgrade to its pro version. View more features on the Google’s playstore.

#6. Photo Gallery ( Fish Bowl)
Top 7 Best Gallery App for Android 2016
As of its page on the playstore, it is an award-winning gallery app which comes for android users. It organizes photos & videos in a beautiful manner that can feel you something best. This photo gallery can organize, edit, share and lock any type of pictures and videos. It is also supported slideshow feature, set as wallpaper and comparing between pictures. It comes with photo and album organizer with delete guard. All useful and needed editing tools with photostream with slideshow and shuffle. Comes with a locker which is much helpful to protect your pictures and videos from others. You can also add notes to albums and pictures. It has custom wallpaper editor with removable media support. But remember that this Gallery app is just for KitKat 4.2 and lower versions of android or it will not work with the higher version. Check out more beautiful features of this app on the playstore or just install it to check it manually.

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#7. Piktures - Beautiful Gallery
Top 7 Best Gallery App for Android 2016
Piktures – Beautiful Gallery, the another best Gallery app for android. According to the playstore, this is the first gesture-based gallery app for android. As above top apps, it is also fast with the simple look, of cource, it is free without any type of advertisement. As of its key features, the app provides the awesome interface, gesture control, calender view, location view, secure drive, muiltiple sorting, grid options and much more. As of your privacy purpose, it is packed with an internal security, it is to help you hide your photos and videos from others behind a security code. It also allows hiding the full album. It has inbuilt video player and ofcource, this app can play animations based on gif format. It is with good editing tools which help you to customize your pictures as per your need and much more awesome features that make you install.

What do you think about these best gallery apps for android? Is there anything to ask? If yes please use our comment box, we will defienetly listen to you. We hope you liked the article and surely you will go for one. The every bit of the article is the result of our hours of research. So we need something to listen from you.
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