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Best Free Android Launchers without Ads

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Hey guys I am again here with another helful article related to android home replacement. Today I gonna introduce you with some top free android launchers without ads. These ad-free launchers are just good with less resources consumption, so just check it out.
Before you go through these launchers I wanna tell you that all the launchers listed below are well researched by me with these points in my mind:
Launcher must be without ads (ad-free). With clean, neat and simple user interface with some necessary customizations) and less resource using. Features such as hide apps, less installation package, etc. So you get a best android launcher for your android device. Lets see what I have for you here below. I have also included the link to the playstore for every launcher, so that you will get more detailed information about these ad-free launchers or for installations.

Best ads-free launchers for android:

1. Cheetah Launcher - Play Store
The Cheetah Launcher is the #1 launcher of more than 5 millions people because of its clean and faster interface. The launcher is offered and provided by CC Launcher. It is rated 4.4 stars on the store with more than 5 million downloads. You will have your desired theme from more than thousand. The installation package comes in just 4 MB or less with great features such as memory booster, hide apps, two-finger gestures, screen customization, app renaming feature, app icon changing feature, folder creation and customization, etc. It has widgets such as Quick switch, Quick search, Memory cleaner, Analog clock and Digital Clock. This launcher is really best one as it is taking less RAM, space, other resources and saving battery but provides such intelligent and personalize-able features without any type of ads. This is why it is on top of the article.

2. Arrow Launcher - Play Store
The arrow launcher is offered by the Microsoft Corporation for android users. It is another best ad-free launcher available on the playstore with more than million downloads and 4.4 star rating. It is a battery saving beautifully developed fast launcher. It is lightweight, efficient and fast launcher as per I tested all the listed launcher. The wallpapers of the launcher is provided and regularly upadated by the Bing over the WiFi (also over data). If you don't like the automatically changing bing wallpapers, you can disable it. Features quick access to your apps, recent activities, peoples, reminders and your office documents. The installation package comes in just under 6 MB with inbuilt intelligent technologies such as battery saving, alphabetically arranged app drawer, hide inactive apps facility, much more and yes without any ads.

3. Nova Launcher - Play Store
The highly customizable, simple looking, performance boosted launcher is mine another best launcher provided by TeslaCoil Software. It is rated 4.6 stars and more than 10 million downloads. Yes it sounds great but only to those who loves customization. It has lots of customization facilities such as icon changes, color control s, app drawer customizations, etc. This launcher has gestures facilities, simple and clean layout with less than 6 MB installation package and lots of great features without a ad. It has also a prime version, if you want take a look on the store.

The above listed launchers are best ad-free android launchers. I have arranged it as per its features, customizations, etc after lots of testing and research. I have found CM launcher mine best after using it myself.
How do you like these android launchers, write your thoughts. If you have any suggestion or query related to the article, use comment box below. And don't forget to share it with your friends using our share buttons.

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  1. Thank you writer!
    I was finding a launcher to hide my apps as I wanted privacy. This list has helped me a lot.
    Also, I have downloaded Cheetah Launcher and I am going to use it from now on.
    I appreciate your work!


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