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7 Best Highly Rated Whatsapp Alternatives on PlayStore

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
I know, there is no doubt of Whatsapp popularity. It spread everywhere as a best highly rated secured messaging app ever for smartphone users. At present, this messenger is accessible through many mobile operating systems such on Android, Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia Mobiles. As an average, there are more than 5 hundred million users of WhatsApp around the globe.

But there are also many people who actually don’t like WhatsApp or they don’t have compatible device to access it. Some people also don't like it, as it has limited features.
If you are one of those or you don't like WhatsApp, then this post is for you. Where, I have researched and found 7 best free WhatsApp alternatives. As of its features, you will definitely find a best WhatsApp alternative for your self. These alternatives are very similar to WhatsApp and has those features and functions, which you have previously missed on the WhatsApp. Check it out below, as you definitely gonna like one of these best WhatsApp alternatives.

7 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

1. Hike Messenger:
Hike it the second most popular messenger behind the WhatsApp. The main reason behind it is, it has those features you have never seen on the WhatsApp. It is offering a lots of great features such as free SMS to non-Hike u, share attachments up to 100 MB, fantastic and awesome stickers and much more, which WhatsApp doesn't provide to its users. There are more than 500 million users already, so be the next to try.

2. Facebook Messenger:
I guess, you might be intimate with Facebook Messenger, if you are an active Facebook user. If you are not familiar with Facebook, then it is a Social networking site on the web, which is undoubtedly best social network. Lots of people uses its Messenger App, as it is from a trusted social network. There are many features like group conversation, chat heads, free voice calls between its users and a lot more such features. It is available on all major operating systems like Android, Apple iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.

3. We Chat:
This is another similar app to WhatsApp. As a solid features it provides you Crystal Clear Voice Call quality, walkie talkie mode with upto 40 participants, like, share and comment on pictures and lots of awesome features than WhatsApp. It has more than 300 million users on major smartphone platforms like Android, iPhone and Windows.

4. BBM (BlackBerry Messenger):
This WhatsApp alternative comes from the popular Black Berry Mobile Developer. Previously, it was only for BlackBerry Users, but now it supports Android, iPhone and Windows platforms too. Using this you will be able to see your friends location on the map. Other than this, it provides you lots more great features. Its pinning and different kinds of emoticons makes it a perfect alternative of WhatsApp.

5. Viber:
You will not believe, it spread globally just after few months of release. As you have read about the We Chat, it is very similar to it. But it has lots of other great features like good quality video calling, easy and stylish interface and a lot more as you go for this.

6. Line:
Line is a very stronger alternative of all the available messenger apps. It has started the journey with 10 million users, but now it is loved by millions of others too. It offers you lots of features and functions, like audio/video/text messaging, voice calling as well as video conference feature. You may go for it, as it is available for all major platforms.

7. Telegram:
This is another one of the most popular messaging app. It provides you a highly secured messaging app. Its security features such as self destructor and encrypted data makes it simply different. Besides this your all data will be stored on its highly security optimized cloud storage. The best thing about it is, that it's totally ad-free.

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I hope you gonna like one of these as a best WhatsApp alternative app. If you like to install Or if you have any other similar app, mention it within your comments.
And share these WhatsApp alternatives with your friends, and don't forget to subscribe to this blog for such future engrossing articles.

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