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3 Best Free Conference Call Services Available Online

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
As you know, these days, our businesses are not only limited nationally, we also wants our businesses to be spread internationally. Maybe, your companies have international existence already. So I have no doubt, that you or your companies conduct conferences and meetings with the other international partners and have modern technologies.

Don’t be afraid, If you are not a business person or you don't own a company, firm, etc., this article is also going to help you to communicate with your family, friends and colleagues by using 3 best free audio/video conferencing services online.

In this growing world every company conducts assembly, meetings or conference through online video/audio conferencing services. The reason behind meeting through conferencing is, that the whole world making change technologically. Conferencing services are also useful, whenever you like to contact through video or audio with your loved ones, including your family m.embers, friends, besties and colleagues. Because it may be little expensive making direct calls to your conversant.
Really, this is not hard anymore to find a conference service online, because you have Google that lets you find things easily, whatever you like to search. If you search for “free conferencing services”, you will get hundreds of results. However, finding a best service with great features within these results is a little bit difficult task.

So I tried to list here some best free online conferencing tools available online, using these you will not be charged a single penny. Below are those services, which you can use to conference with your loved ones or use them for business meeting purpose.
But remember, as a requirement, you must have high speed internet connectivity to use these services or to improve the quality of conferencing calls.

3 Best Free Online Conference Call Services

UberConference (
I recommend UberConference as a best free conference service, because you get call recording, screen sharing and lots more such features as bonus. This is by far the best free online conferencing tool. Its simplest design and user-friendly layout are quick to move and hassle free. You can record calls, and even share your screen and collaborate on documents with other online users. It allows up to 10 participants on call for free and up to 100 participants on upgrade, which costs $10 per month. If you don't like to spend your money, you have an another option below.

FreeConferenceCall (
It is a globally popular free online conferencing tool. FreeConferenceCall has lots of features same as UberConference that makes you love it. You can join up to 1000 of members who can participate without spending a single penny. Besides this you can record the conversation, mute or dismiss the participants and a lot more great features. It is not as easy, and has no advanced features and tools like UberConference. But it is a conference tool choice, if you need to add more than 10 participants.

Wiggio (
It is another best free conference call service. Wiggio provides lots of collaborative functions and features like status updates, events sharing, polls, to-do lists and much more. Using “virtual meetings” feature, you can video conference and share your screen with your desired participants. But you will not get advanced features and tools such as online dashboard and conversation recording function.

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I hope you like these free call conferencing services. If you have any thought or suggestion, please comment below. I know there are lots of such tools, which offers free conferencing. But finding a good with such features is really a difficult task. Anyway, if you have any other such tool, mention in the comment.
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