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How to Convert PDF to JPG Image Easily using Online Tools?

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
In this article I am going to tell about 5 top best PDF to JPG online converter tools, which will help you in many cases and issues. These tools are user-friendly, easy and efficient to start converting your PDF files into the JPG image format. Lets start reading this article from introducing these two extension and the intention, why we need to convert our PDF files into JPG files.

What Is JPG?
The abbreviation JPEG actually is the standard for a compression algorithm, which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is the team who developed such a best image extension for us. When we use the extension JPG, then we are usually being referred to the JFIF, which is the shortform of JPG File Interchange Format, that defines the thoroughfare to out-turn a proper file for your storage and devolution.
It is an format of image file, which is used for monochrome, color and gray-scale pictures. It functions excellent for the images with a meticulous classification of colors, tones and shades, as it uses the method of lossy compression.

What Is PDF?
The PDF file extension stands for Portable Document Format, which is developed by the team of Adove Systems. It is very useful to us in many ways. It ascertains your printed file retaining the formattings, which you have intended in your documents. This format is also very useful if you have the intention to use it for the commercial printings purpose.

The intention behind Converting PDF to JPG and Why we Need to Convert PDF to JPG?
As everyone, you might also face these problems with the PDF file format in a situation of your life, about which I am here to talk and explain. So let's talk about some of those common issues, cases and problems about PDF file format, through which you faced difficulties and might come thenceforward in your life.
  • To open this type of file, your computer or other devices always requires a third-party software or app. Just say about the Adobe Acrobat Reader, to open a PDF file you need to install it on your computer, as this tool doesn't comes pre-installed on many devices. But to open a JPG file, there is always a software already.
  • While surfing the web, you may have noticed that, you can view images on the web easily but opening a PDF file on the internet everytime requires a third-party plugin.
  • When you are creating a presentation, you will not be able to insert and put a PDF file in it, but you are always able to easily insert a JPG file in it.
These were some of the common problems and issues which we face sometimes with the PDF file format. This is a best idea to convert all of your PDF documents in a JPG image format. So no such issues you will face again in your future. To help you convert your PDF files into JPG format, I have reviewed some online tools, which will help you do that.
Best Online PDF to JPG Converter Tools
There is lots of such tools on the Internet, but many of them sucks. Only some of them are good and works well. Below are the some of the best PDF to JPG online converter tools, which don’t requires any third-party software in your computer or other devices. You must check them out according to your need, as I have include the good points of each tool and arranged as per alexa rank. It may help you choosing your best one.
  • Zamzar:
This is the first best online tool to convert PDF to JPG in my list. It converts your PDF files in good quality in less size. Considerable things of this tool are, trusted by lots of customers, no registration process, just upload and convert.
It is another best tool to convert your PDF files into JPG. The good thing about this tool is, that it offers the average, good and excellent quality without any watermarks. It converts PDF pages without any limitations.
  • Neevia Technology:
It is one of the oldest tool on the Internet, which also converts your PDF files in JPG images. Key features of this tool are easy and user-friendly interface, offers compatibility options, resolution options and takes less time to convert.
  • Pdfburger:
This tool is one of the newest PDF to JPG convertion online tool, but it is being popular day-by-day. Features such as beautiful and convenient interface, multiple file options and one click go conversion makes it another best tool in the list.
  • Smallpdf:
This is the last one of this list but has many great features other than converting PDF to JPG. It is specially designed and developed to convert PDF in various types of document files. While converting in JPG, it offers you drag and drop feature, which lets you quickly covert your files into JPG. It provides secure online conversion; every converted files here will be deleted just after 60 minutes, so no one can access to your converted files.

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