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Online Data Entry Jobs to Earn Money from Your Home

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
These days, everybody wants to make money online herewith an easiest and convenient way. I guess, you are also looking for some easiest methods of online earning. Am I Right?, Yes, I am. So today, I am going to introduce you with some online data entry jobs, which may help you earn money, just sitting inside your room in your desired way.

What are data entry jobs?
You will not believe, that peoples are insanely crazy for earning money through this job. The reason behind this is, online data entry jobs are one of the convenient and simplest jobs online to earn money from your favorite chair at your home.

What you have to do?
Online data entry jobs are very easy, as you have to only transcribe some given data of information into another form. Those given data which needs to be transcribed, might be handwritten documents, sequences of numbers, person details, computer codes, information of spreadsheets, etc.
What you will need to do this job?

No special skill, you just have to be good in typing (you can say average typing speed), must have a computer or smartphone and Internet connectivity in it as a major requirement. And those are often qualified, who are able and excellent in typing numbers (0-9). You can make decent money from these jobs, if you have advantage of good KPH (Keystrokes Per Hour) or 35-50 WPM (Word Per Minute) speed. More speed, the more chances of earning money online.

To qualify for these type of online jobs, you must have roughly estimate of 40 WPM, 200 KPM and 12000 KPH speed in typing.

Best Websites to Find Online Data Entry Jobs
Below I am going to list some websites and online sources, where you can find your desired data entry jobs to earn decent money at your home. These websites here are arranged as per its popularity among the peoples. I have also included the links, which you can type or copy-paste in your URL bar to visit and apply for the jobs.

Fiverr (
This is one of the best and popular online service sell and purchase website. Here you can create your selling page and offer your services. As it is a micro sale and purchase site, you can offer your data entry work. You can charge 5 dollar as minimum amount for doing some short and basic works. After your level increases, you will be able to increase your work price, but it is my advise to provide quality work for low price as you can.

If you have no idea, how to design and create your selling page, just search for your keywords there. As a result you will see a huge amount of sales pages to get ideas from.

After creating your profile and sales pages, you will be paid whenever you complete the work or order placed by your clients.

Upwork (
Upwork is a worldwide recognized and accepted employment space for freelancers. You first have to complete your public profile with your special skills in order to get data entry jobs here. It is always advised to provide your great work for lowest price as you can. After you get bigger hits, you may increase your price.

To start working on Upwork, just create your account and profile. Search for your keywords to get ideas about designing your page. Provide your services and start earning from today.

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I hope, you liked these websites to make money from your home by doing data entry jobs. If you have not tried these websites, you must go through these to earn money online by offering your data entry work. These listed websites are not only for online data entry jobs, you may provide and sell your other services too, such as text contents, blog posts, etc. But you must keep it in your mind, that there are too many freelancers working these days by providing unique and quality contents in low price. So this always and every time advised to do the same at a lowest price as you can and doesn’t hurts you.

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