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8 Ways to Send Text from Computer to Any Mobile: Best Free SMS Sites

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Hey folks, today I gonna talk about “how to text from a computer”. As some of my blog visitors requested me to list out some best free SMS sites, this article is gladly presented to them. Here I have tried to list 8 best sites, which you can use to send free text messages from your computer to any mobile that has no Internet connectivity.

I know, there is already some free messengers like WhatsApp, We Chat, etc. to send free messages. But they need an Internet connection every time in order to send and as well as read them. And most importantly, that both are using that particular messenger. Then only they will be able to communicate with each other.

But there are hundreds of online SMS websites, that lets you send text free messages to any mobile even recipient have no Internet connectivity. These websites are totally free, and doesn’t cost any money. But except some sites, these sites requires registration. You will have to Sign-Up there before you use their service. You can use these websites to send text messages from anywhere to all over the world. And the best part is, that these website are totally free.
After hours of research, I have found 8 best websites by which you can freely send messages to any non-internet user's mobile number. You can also use these websites to send free texts, when you are on your computer or laptop. Just you need an working Internet connection, recipient’s mobile number and your thoughts as requirements. Below are some of the best free SMS sites you can use to connect with your loved ones.

8 Best Free SMS Sites to Send Texts from Your Computer to Any Non-Internet Connected Mobile Devices

1. Way2SMS – Send SMS to Any Mobile in India:

The main reason behind listing Way2SMS at first is, that it claims 90% delivery in less than 10 seconds. Yes, it is superfast. It supports all the major mobile networks. If you like to invite all of your friends for an event, this also provides bulk texting feature. You can create groups of your contacts and send an invitation to all of the recipient just in a click. You can also schedule and set your messages to automatically send on a specific time and day. Just like prepared for your friend’s birthday.
Besides these features, there are also several features you can access and use them to avail mobile recharge for free. But as a cons, you can’t send messages to outside India. Means, it is restricted to send messages to those, who are not in India.

2. 160by2 – Send Free SMS to India:

This is another very popular free site to send text messages to any mobile number within India. This free SMS texting site also provides fast and quick message delivery to any mobile. It's easy to use navigation and user-friendly interface places second in this list. By using its service, you can send personal messages up to 140 characters long and up to 160 characters in standard SMS.
Besides these, as Way2SMS, 160by2 also makes you to win some amazing rewards from their service store. As Way2SMS this service is also useful only within India.

3. SMScity – Bulk SMS Service in Kukatpally:

This online service is little different from those above two free SMS sending sites. It provides and allows you Free international SMS with picture message facility. As Way2SMS, you can make groups of your contacts to and send a particular message just in a one go. It is very useful, if you like to invite all of your friends in a party, conference, etc. You can also send free SMS through your MSN messenger you have. Besides these facilities, you can send Free international SMS to any country from available 22 different countries.

4. TextMeFree – Send Free SMS:

TextMeFree provides free SMS service in almost every single country in the world. It allows you to send Free international SMS to almost every country. The main interesting facility that is to be noted is, it doesn’t requires any registration through sign-up process. You just have to visit their site and start free texting to your desired one. There is also a guide you can use to understand their service. This guide will also help you if you face any type of problems. As of my personal experience, it is a reliable free SMS service online to use for sending free messages anywhere.

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5. Indyarocks – Free SMSs for Everyone:

One of the biggest reason behind its popularity is, that it provides and allows users to do some other types of rewarding tasks. Along with using free online SMS service, you can also stay in touch with more than eight million users, your Yahoo friends, MSN friends and connect with your Gtalk account.
Except these features, you can also earn some money as there is various methods. You can win mobile recharge as talk time and you can play 10 thousand plus available games. If you like to earn few bucks entertaining yourself, go ahead with this service.

6. AtroChatro – Free SMS to India:

It also allows you to send Free SMS to any mobile but within India only. It doesn’t matter whether recipient is using CDMA or GSM. And as a unique facility, this service has variety of best SMS collection, so that you don’t need to visit other site for SMSs. There is not much more but you can play games as Indyarocks. You can also take part in their quizzes.

7. mySMSIndia – Send Bulk SMS:

You can use this service to send bulk messages within India. The thing that is to be noted is, that it is reliable and completely secure. As it claims, you SMS will be delivered on time with real-time reports. If you are a business person and want to invite all of your colleagues for a particular event, you may go for it. Just one tap and all the participants will be invited. There will be no ads in messages and you can text without any character limit.

8. site2SMS – Free Text and Voice Messages:

It is very popular as it provides different service from others. By using their service you can send free voice as well as text messages. It can send texts up to 260 characters long. It delivers your messages within 15 seconds. It has ability to deliver more than 200 SMS per second. Yes, it is too good and is capable of handling extremely high volumes during peak hours.

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So these were the best sites to send messages for free. I hope and believe that you will like these online sources. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, use comment section below and do share this article with your friends.

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