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4 Smart Ways to Make Money Online through Facebook at Your Home

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
As you know, Facebook is a very popular Social Networking Platform. This is the second largest network in the world, after the plausible search engine, the Google. Yes, Facebook is the second most popular network in the world. According to Wikipedia, Facebook has more than 1.79 billion active users globally except some banned countries like China, Iran and North Korea.

Obviously, Facebook gets a huge amount of traffic and growing day by day, as more new peoples are joining this social platform. They joins and makes new connection between their friends, family members and colleagues. But other than making friends, some of them are smartly using Facebook in order to promote their products and services, drive traffic to blog, self promotion, make money, etc. Yes, they do, they earn decent money through Facebook. So today, I thought to write this article, where I am trying to clear – how to make money on Facebook.
As Facebook has billions of users and getting huge amount of traffic, Mark Zuckerberg and his company is earning in billions. You can also make money through Facebook, as they have given you the opportunity and ways you can make money online. Earning from Facebook will not give you a-night-rich status, but the earned amount will be decent.

How to Earn Money from Facebook?

These day, almost all market is dependent on social platforms like Facebook, as it helps in connecting new peoples, promoting product, increase sales and increase in profit. So truly, there are huge demand of such social platforms in marketing and business.

Almost all marketers advertise and promote their content and product on such platforms to earn money. If you also like to earn and make money with Facebook, I have found some ways and methods you can try in order to make money online.

What You Need to Earn from Facebook?

Basically you need a Facebook Fan Page with at least 1 Lakh (one hundred thousand) active and quality page likes. It is very important to have genuine likes, bot likes will not help anymore. If you have 1 Lakh likes on your page then you will earn some small amount of money. But to make it decent number, you will have to increase your page likes and social engagements. There are two ways you can increase your fan page followers:
  • Self Promotion on Facebook
You can self promote your fan page on different places such as Facebook Groups, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, etc. to get your desired number of likes. It is true, that, this is not an easy task and may take time and self patience. But if you hit a bigger number of likes, there are many possibilities and ways you will earn from your home and make decent money through Facebook.
  • Paid Promotion on Facebook
Facebook offers you to increase your page likes through advertisement. For this you have to pay to Facebook after choosing your plan according to your budget. You can call it as an investment. After you get, a lots of crowd, you can start your social media marketing on Facebook. If you like to get quick result then, I recommend you to also choose few other popular social sources, such as Twitter and Google Advertisements. Run your campaign there and then you will get lots of likes quickly as possible.

If you have already done the above jobs, and have decent likes and lots of views, you may continue to these methods to earn from Facebook. I have included 4 ways and methods here, you can choose as per your need:

1. Affiliate Advertising on Facebook:

In this method, you have to find and join an affiliate program. There are lots of affiliate programs available online provided by the top companies such as Amazon, eBay, etc. You have to join an affiliate program in order to earn money through this method. You will have an unique identity and marketing materials provided by the company.

How to Join an Affiliate Program?

Joining this program is not as hard, you just have to visit their official website and Sign-Up for their affiliate program. After joining a specific program, you will get every material you need to start. Remember: Applying for almost any affiliate program will not cost you anything.

How to Promote your Affiliate Content?

After you get the materials and contents provided by the company, you have to promote it. Here is, how you can promote it: Regularly post your thoughts on your fan page, usually you do to be connected with your audience. Between these or sometimes include your affiliate post. It is advised, that frequently doing this may distract your audience. I recommend, once or twice a day is good.

How you will get paid in Affiliate Marketing on Facebook?

Company, whose program you have joined will pay you a small percentage of sold product price, that have been purchased by one of your audience through that program.
When one of your audience click on that affiliate link, they will be landed on a particular product page. You will be get paid every time a person buy something there.

2. Selling Your Own Content on Facebook:

Yes, you can earn by selling your own products, contents or services on the Facebook. For an example: If you are a writer and you are good in writing, then you can earn decent bucks here. You just have to write e-Books and sell it through Facebook. If you don't know what e-Book stands for:

“e-Book is an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.”

After writing your content, just create its PDF version by securing it with Password. So that, if a person buys your e-Book, you can send them the password to open it. Otherwise, anyone can read it and you will not get a single Penny.

How to Sell your e-Book on Facebook?

Here is how you can sell it, just design a good looking book cover on Photoshop or any photo editing tool and save it as an image.

After you design your Book Cover, post it on your wall, pages, groups, etc. While writing your post don’t forget to write a detailed information and contact address. If it interests a person, they will contact you through comments, message or email you provided in the post. If deal is final, send him that e-Book with your PayPal address, so that they can pay you. After you get your amount, give them the password to open it.

3. Rent or Sell your Facebook Fan Page:

If you don’t like to make reward from your page, you can just rent or sell it. You can rent your page by making admin to another person after receiving your money. Or just sell it, as there are many advertisers who are looking for Facebook Pages with decent followers. Before buying your page, advertisers will look for your daily organic reach and the quality of your audience.

4. Earn by Developing Facebook Apps and Games:

If you are good in developing apps and games, you can also develop for the Facebook. This is another best way which will make your earn decent money from Facebook.

While making apps and games, monetize it with your ads. After you complete developing your apps, submit it to Facebook and don’t forget to promote it on various popular social networks. You will earn money if that app or game is viral among Facebook users. Whenever they click on your ads you will be paid for that.


That’s all about how to earn money from Facebook. Write your thoughts below in the comment section below. If you have any other method that can make money through Facebook, mention it in comments. And share this article using below sharing buttons and don't forget to subscribe to get upcoming earning methods and other interesting articles directly in your inbox.

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