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6 Best Free QR Code Scanner and Barcode Scanner Apps for Android

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
There are a huge amount of free QR code scanner apps and Barcode scanner apps on the play store. But many of those free QR readers and barcode scanners are just worst. Because of their unnecessary customizations, large installation size, poor readability, and sluggish speed. These type of apps simply frustrates you, whenever you use play store to find a good app.
By the way, today I thought to find some best QR and Barcode Scanners over the store, you can safely choose and use these tools according to your needs.

What are Barcodes and QR codes?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. It is a kind of matrix barcode type trademark known as two-dimensional barcode. It was firstly designed in the Japan and presented to automotive industry. It can’t be read by human eyes, because it is a type of optical label only readable through some imaging devices like. This type of label contains information related to a particular item, product, profile, etc.
The biggest response about its popularity outside automotive industry is; due to its higher storage capacity and fast readability than standard UPC barcodes. It consists of black colored little squares arranged on a white background square grid. One can scan these type of codes with the help of imaging device such as a camera. While scanning it is being processed with Reed–Solomon error correction technique, until the data of that image can be appropriately interpreted. After that data are extracted presented in that image code known as QR Barcode.

6 Best Free QR and Barcode Scanner Apps for Android

As I told you already, there are lots of such apps on the store, but only few of them are good and useful. And so I tried my best to choose best QR and Barcode Scanner Apps. These sorted best apps are really best Barcode and QR code scanners that you can use for your desired needs. I have also added the name of provider, that will help you to get that app from the play store. Just go through these apps and choose a best one for you.

  • QR Code Reader - Scan
This is first in my list, because it’s simple, efficient and user-friendly. Using this app you can simply scan any QR code or barcode by pointing your phone camera on it. It doesn’t require to capture an image to scan. It will automatically recognize any content of a code when you point your camera on a species code. If that code contains a web URL, you don’t have to do anything, it will automatically land you on the webpage. And if contained texts, you'll immediately see that. You will be promoted whenever there are other formats such as email, phone and contact info, so that you can take appropriate action.

  • Barcode Scanner – Zxing Team
It is another best Barcode reader app for android with more than 100 million downloads. As its name it is not only for scanning barcodes, it also scans QR codes. It is highly secured app which support almost every type of data stored in a QR or Barcode. The app is very simple to use and there are no unnecessary graphics.

  • QR Droid Code Scanner - DroidLa
This app let’s you scan any type of QR codes and Barcodes just from your smartphone. I suggest it as a third best QR code scanning utility for Androids. There are lots of other features like importing, creating, using, and sharing scanned data just with your few taps. It is really a full-featured, intuitive QR scanning utility with multi-language support. It is totally free and without any type of ads. You can also use this app, if you want to create or edit a QR code. It can automatically synchronize your scanned data on your Google Drive. With this tool you can group or short your history data, so that you can quickly and easily access your most-used codes.

  • QR and Barcode Scanner – Gamma Play
This is the fastest QR and Barcode scanner app on the play store. It is very simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require any tap to scan; it will automatically scan the code when you point your camera on a specific code. It can scan almost every type of data of a code, including texts, URLs, ISBNs, contacts, etc.

  • QR Code & Barcode Scanner – pickwick santa
Another fast and easy QR Code and barcode scanner app for Android Smartphone. Using this app one can create their own QR codes with data’s like email, phone Numbers, bookmark and other contact Information. You can share through social networks including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, etc. or through text messages. It has history feature that logs all of your scans for later use.

  • ScanLife Barcode & QR Code Reader – Scanbuy Inc.
It is very useful while shopping. It can scan any barcode or QR code quickly as it can of products, items, etc. and a lot more shopping features. It helps you find a variety of details about a particular item you want. Using this you will earn mPoint rewards through scanning any QR and barcodes. Rewards can be taken as a gift card but it is only for USA peoples.

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These apps are listed here according to my personal experience. But I know there are more such great apps out there on the store, maybe I have not found. If you have any such great QR code apps you use, please mention it within your thoughts in the comment section below. And don't forget to do me a favor by sharing this article using our below social buttons. Thanks!

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