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Best Free Search Engine Submission Sites to Increase Your Traffic

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
Is your blog or website indexed in all the top search engines? If not, here I have found some free search engine submission sites and tools, that will help you easily submit to top search engines to drive massive traffic.
A large amount of traffic makes a blog naturally perfect and increases your brand value. If you have lots of traffic, it means you can generate more customers, more sales, more income and increase popularity of your brand.
If you have just started your blog, the first thing you need to consider is to, make it findable on the search engines that people use to query. There are lots of search engines over the Internet such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. Google alone processes more than 40 thousands queries every second. So most of the visitors come from the search engines.

What is Search Engine Submission?

Submitting for indexing a webpage or whole blog to search engines is called Search Engine Submission. Every quality webpages should be submitted on the search engines, so that more visitors can be generated. And this could be done by two ways; manual search engine submission or submission using a third-party tool.

1. Manual Search Engine Submission:

In manual submission, a user needs to go through every individual search engine submission process to submit their blog or website. In other words, user will have to visit every search engine's submission page in order to submit. So manual submission is little difficult and time consuming job.

2. Search Engine Submission using Third-Party Tool:

This method saves your valuable time and money by providing almost all search engine submission just in few minutes. Using third-party search engine submission tools, all submissions can be done easily. User needs to just enter the URL and email id (sometimes not), select desired search engines from the list and then hit submit. You will not have to individually search for the submission page, ex. Submit URL to Google, etc.

There are lots of search engine submission tools available online, but few of them are good. So I have found 7 best search engine submission tools, that you can use to submit your blog or website to all search engines.

7 Best Free Search Engine Submission Sites to Increase Your Blog/Website Traffic

1. Entire Web – Free Search Engine Submission:

Entire Web is a popular search engine submission tool available online. Every Internet marketer knows about it and uses it to submit their webpages on the search engines. It is being used by more than 3.5 million people including bloggers, marketers, etc. This tool helps submit to major and all top search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Aol, Altavista, Lycos, DuckDuckGo, Excite, Infospace and more.

Features of Entire Web:

  • It is very quick and easy. It submits your URL within seconds.
  • It is totally free and you can use it as often, you want.
  • Saves your time by submitting to all well known search engines.
  • It provides automatic resubmission.
  • A user can keep track of his/her submission process.

2. Clever Submitter – Submit Site to Search Engines:

Cleaver Submitter claims to provide more than 125 search engine and directory submissions. Really, it is a great tool, if you want to submit your webpages to top search engines and directories. While submitting, you will have to stay around 5 minutes in order to complete the entire submission process. After the completion of the process, an email will dispatch in your inbox.

Features of Clever Submitter:

  • It submits your webpages to more than 125 search engines including directories.
  • It is totally free to use. You can submit as much URL as you want.
  • It submits to entire listed search engines and directories by respecting your valuable time and money.

3. Serfish – Free Search Engine Submission Site:

This is another free search engine submission tool online. It allows you to submit your blog or website to more than 50 search engines. If you have more than one website, you can use its bulk submission feature. It can submit 100 URL at once through bulk submission.

Features of Serfish:

  • It submits URL to more than 50 search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • It provides bulk submission. Using this feature a user can submit upto 100 URLs in a click.
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So these are the best free search engine submission sites. I hope you like it. However, manual submission process is always best, because Google and other major search engines don't like auto submissions or submitted by bots. So I recommend you to go through manual process. But if you like to use these services, don't over do it. Because, Google will take it as spam.
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