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6 Best File Sharing Apps for Android: Fastest Ways to Transfer Files

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
There are a large amount of file sharing apps for Android on the store. But many of those are unstable to use and with less features. Here I have tried to sort out some best file transfer apps for Android. These apps usage less resources by providing ultimate file transfer speed.

I think this is the easiest and fastest way to transfer files between smartphones. Because we all know those days, when we wasted almost 1 hour to send around 100 MB file. But now this is the era of modern data transfer technologies, where top developers reinventing the ways of possibilities. Using these best file transfer apps for Android, one can transfer files up to 10 Mbps speed. Obviously this is far better than sharing through Bluetooth.

How it works?

These type of apps usage Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Fi Hotspot concept to reach the maximum level of transfer speed. It creates connection between smartphones or tablets through Hotspot or Wi-Fi Direct to transfer data. The speed depends on your smartphone quality and its internal components. However the speed will be high than your Bluetooth speed.

Here are those 6 best file transfer apps for android smartphones. Choose one or more as you like according to your need. I have tried to cover its important and useful features by providing each necessary details. To install and for more details simply search the name on the play store. Here we go…

6 Free Best File Transfer Apps for Android Smartphones

1. SHAREit - Transfer & Share:

SHAREit is the most popular cross-platform file sharing tool with availability in 22 well-known languages. It supports popular mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It is also available for computers running Windows or Mac operating system. Using this tool any type of file can be transferred with up to 200 times faster speed than Bluetooth. There is no need of Internet and USB. As it provides cross-platform transferring facility, you can use it on any supporting platform and transfer files between PC and Mobile or Mobile to Mobile. Transfer any type of file whatever you have such as song, pictures, videos, movies, apps, documents and any other type of files. It is easy to use with user-friendly design and navigation. Play music, view photos, watch videos, etc. directly from your computer.

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2. Xender – File Transfer, Sharing:

It is another very popular cross-platform file transferring technology. It is very similar to SHAREit in features but there are some other advantage of using this tool. It supports almost all the popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows and Mac by providing 200 times faster speed than Bluetooth. It is able to share any type of file whether it is your apps, photos, videos, music documents, etc with maximum of 10 Mbps transferring speed. There is no need of mobile data (Internet) and no need of USB connection to transfer files between any platform. It is available and supports 23 well know languages.

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3. Share Link – File Transfer:

Another best file sharing tool for Android. It is developed and provided by ASUS Computer Inc. It can do various type of file transfer, such as sharing photos, videos, music, apps, documents, notes, etc. like other sharing apps do. It is quick and seamless file transferring app. It is as simple to handle as tapping receive to receive and tapping send to send. As these apps works on WI-FI Direct concept, you don’t have to enable your Mobile data. It can work on any brand of Android smartphones. It also supports PC with Windows operating system. Maybe, it will support other platforms in the near future.

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4. Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing:

Another cross-platform transferring and sharing tool. As it supports all the popular platforms, it allows you to transfer files between Androids, iPads, iPhones, Windows Phones, Tizen Phones, Windows PCs, and Mac in an quick and easy manner. It supports 12 multiple languages. No need of cables and share without Internet. It can backup and transfer files from your old phone with fast transferring and sharing speed. It is able to connect up to 4 devices simultaneously. As a great feature you can generate QR Codes and share contents through QR codes. You can also chat with your nearby friends without internet. The best thing I think about this app is that you can control the camera of a connected device to view and take photos remotely.

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5. 4 Share Apps – File Transfer

4 Share Apps is another one file transfer app that focus on transferring files between android smartphones. As others it is also able to share any kind of files between android devices. One thing you miss here is that it doesn’t support cross-platform. It means you can’t transfer files between devices with two different platform. Hope it will support cross-platform in the future. But it is good to use it for Android to Android sharing. The transferring speed goes up to 20 Mbps, so any large file will be within minutes. The best thing I think it is good is that it can backup your installed apps to your SD card just at a click. As a bonus it also reports you about hottest apps in the market by tracking it. It is available in 31 multi languages, so anyone can use it.

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6. Send Anywhere: File Transfer

Another best app on the store, but it is not well known as others. It is in the list just because of its features. It can transfer any type of file without altering the original file. You just need is an one-time 6-digit unique key for an easy and fastest file transfer. Supports reinforced file encryption (256-bit) technology. It supports QR code facility, so that every connection will be safe and secure and a lot more features.

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