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How and Why to Create a Blog: Best Way to Promote Business Online

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
As this is the era of online marketing, we all know how business growth is being dependent on its online dissemination and promotion. Now world is constantly changing the way of promoting businesses, so we all are here to talk about it. In this article, I am trying to share my ideas and thoughts about how and why to create a blog. Afterwards, I will be talking about best way to promote your business online; promotion through blogging. I think this is the easiest, beneficial and very important but a little challenging way that actually boosts your business. So let’s get started with the introduction to the blog that what it is and how it works.

What is a blog?

I guess, you have already searched it up on the Google or anywhere else on the Internet before.
Yes, “A blog is a regularly or perpetually updated website that can be handled by an individual or a community”. The posts written here are in conversational style.

As of my 2 years of experience, it is just simple as journal writing. An individual can use it to write anything about everything from anywhere such as office, home, trip, etc. It is called blogging. The main and only difference between journal writing and blogging is that anybody from anywhere can access your blog and know your ideas online. This is why; many online marketers say “blogging is a perfect way to promote your business online”.

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But for me, it is not for just promoting business, there are many advantages of blogging:
  1. Helps you build a better business.
  2. It helps whenever you start a new business.
  3. Take control of your business identity.
  4. Increase sale of your products and services.
  5. Increase returning customers to your existing business.
  6. You get feedbacks from your customers.
  7. Self-promotion to be self-serving.
  8. Build a rare and valuable trust online.
  9. Build and expand your network.
  10. Help other peoples around the world and make them join your network.
  11. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  12. A successful blogger gains a wide audience who trust and respect them.
  13. You become a better writer and perfect control over your words.
  14. Collect Emails for future communication and deals.
  15. Express yourself; powerful form of self-expression.

How to Start Your Blog?

To get started promoting your business online through blogging, you should have:
  • Field or topic you want to fly for. Choose your best topic and be good in your field, so you can update your blog that can actually help your audience and make them stay with your blog.
  • Perfect blog name and top level domain. Think a better name for your blog that is easy to remember and engages people at first insight. After choosing the perfect name, buy a top-level domain; ex. “”, “”, “”, etc. A top-level domain should be under 15 characters including the extension for better search engine optimization. It will be great if you choose company name as your blog name and top-level domain name.
  • Blogging platform: There are many blogging mediums such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Wix, Joomla, Squarespace, etc. Before choosing, you should research to find out best platform that can be adapted. As a self recommendation, I suggest choosing WordPress for a long-term business.
After you choose a platform and like to set up your blog, don’t forget to read their guidance or official step-by-step guides. It will help you clearly understand about how a blog works and some technical particulars to set it up for the first time.

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What after Creating a Blog?

Just after creating a blog there are lots of work to go:
  1. Design and layout: You must keep in mind; design of a blog is the first and last impression. So carefully choose the theme, colors and fonts. There will be lots of blog templates as every platform provides it. If you are some good in html and CSS then go through the source code editing, otherwise I suggest choosing from available theme. Just take the time to choose a best template considering your field and your audience. Because a blogger is just because of audience.
  2. Allow Free Subscription: There are lots of web feed management programs, some of them are free and some are paid. Choose a best one and connect it with your blog. It helps your audience by directly sending the notification each time you publish. It is a great way to increase engagements.
  3. Google Analytics: Implement this technology to get detailed stats and the impact of your site on the web. It helps you know who are coming to your blog, what they like, the countries your readers coming from and a lot more detailed stats.
  4. Sharing Buttons & Toolbar: Add sharing buttons to your blog. It helps whenever a reader wants to share your article with their friends. This way you get more traffic to your blog and increase your brand popularity.
  5. Follow Buttons: Add follow buttons to your blog, so that your readers, audience or customers can connect with you online. It means lots of followers for a better future of your ideas. It is better way to get connected with the people.

How to Promote Your Business Through Blogging?

Now this is the time to start writing as it is the core of the plan. Write anything and everything about your company and yourself. Go from personal to professional from the history to future. Write down everything about your products and services as you like. You own your business and you can express your ideas, help your customers through online support and generate more income by increasing customers.

With little effort, you can efficiently promote yourself and your business through this medium. This marketing medium will make you do so much for growing your business. It connects your customers through comments and feedbacks. Blogging helps you with the opportunity that helps to know your customer’s sentiments. And this way you can improve your business and its products.


Blogging is the most trusted and valuable way to promote a business. However, it take times, efforts, research and lots of SEO practices to achieve the goal. But as we know "Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hardwork.".

At end, thanks a lot for standing by and Good Luck for your blogging project.
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