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Tablet Buying Guide - A Complete Guide on What Tablet You Should Buy

Posted by: Purushottam Thakur
The portability of the computers is the main thing that attracts people to buy laptops. But, there is one more gadget that attracts the people to buy it. The Tablet Computers. The craze of Tablet Computers is little less nowadays, but they are as powerful as laptops, still compact. That is one of the positive points of the large sale of tablet computers.
If you are planning to buy a perfect Tablet computer for your needs, then you should follow some tips to get the perfect one. There are many guides on the Internet about buying the best laptop, but not a good one for the purchase of a tablet computer. That’s why i decided to write a fantastic guide on how to buy tablet computers. Without wasting any more time, we will start this wonderful guide for purchasing tablet computers.

Ultimate Guide for Buying Tablet Computers


What’s the Use of Tablet for You?

Why are you buying a tablet computer? Do you need it for your use? You should ask these two questions before reading this article. These two issues are critical for you to answer. If you are buying the tablet computers just for time pass or for fun, then don’t buy it. You can close this site and go back surfing what you were surfing before visiting this blog.

The tablet computers are not much powerful computers. Yes, they are portable. Yes, they can do every job that a Computer or Laptop do. Yes, they are more compact and mobile than the Laptops. Yes, they are convenient to carry everywhere.

But, if you are just buying it for time pass, then it’ll serve no value to you. You can do the time pass with your tablet or big smartphone. You can use the powerful laptop to play games, watch movies anywhere you go.

In my opinion, the Tablet computers are only good for those who are serious people addicted to their work. Those who need a computer on-the-go, but the laptop is too heavy or little inconvenient to use while traveling. The Tablet computer can be fully utilized by those who have on-the-go work. You can write an important email while standing in an airport line, but not watch movies while in the same line. You can only do serious work with it. So, read further if you are a serious user and need a Tablet computer for on-the-go work.

Convertible or Stand-Alone - Tablet Buying Guide

There are two types of the Tablet computers. First is the Convertible and another is stand-alone. The convertible Tablets are simply the laptops, which have a touch screen and can be used as the tablet computers. Such laptops have Touch Display and flexible hinges, so you can use these laptops even as the Tablet computer by folding it. In short, they are Two-in-One devices.

The Stand-Alone Tablets are just tablets. You won’t get any attached accessory like Keyboard and trackpad attached with it. Most of the times, people buy Standalone tablets for personal use and even for office use. It is quite good to have stand-alone tablets as you don’t have to carry the Keyboard attached to it, like the Convertible ones.

In my opinion, the Convertible Tablets, a.k.a., Two-in-one Laptops are best for your needs. Because they can be easily converted into the Tablet computer, thanks to the touch screen display and 360-degree rotating hinges and vice versa. It’s good to have a laptop and tablet at once without having to buy extra accessories like Keyboard and Mouse.

The Stand-alone tablets can be used as the laptop if you buy some additional accessories. Attaching the external keyboard and mouse will help you to use it as the laptop. When you have proper space and not in the traveling mode, you can use it as a laptop, but it is quite inconvenient to carry new Keyboard and Mouse with you everywhere you travel.

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Hardware - Tablet Buying Guide

The powerful hardware makes your tablet more powerful regarding performance. Most of the tablets are not that powerful as the desktops, but they are good in their territory. If you are a high-end gamer or video editor or someone who needs a lot of processing power, then the tablet computers are not for you at all.

Without the better hardware in tablet computers, you are not going to get satisfactory performance. If you are looking for the best tablet computer, then check out this hardware.
  • Display - The Display is the primary thing which you should check out on the tablet. If you’ve determined the screen size you want, then it’ll be easy for you to shortlist the tablet computers in the same screen size category.
  • Processor - The Processor is the brain of computers, laptops, smartphones and tablet computers. The more powerful processor will help you to get better performance and stability while using the tablet. 
  • RAM - The Random Access Memory is the second critical component after the Processor. The RAM ensures your processor is accompanied b sufficient memory to perform and process tasks. 
  • Camera - Most of the tablet computers have the camera equipped with them, which helps you to capture moments. Also, the front camera helps you to take selfies of the video call with someone over the internet. So, choose the tablet which has a Rear and Front camera if you are going to need it. 
  • Accessories - Most of the tablet computers nowadays come with the optional or compulsory accessories. The accessories like Wireless Mouse or detachable keyboard with embedded trackpad are the most common accessories. If you are going to use the tablets for completing some serious office works while on-the-go, then you should opt-out for the additional accessories that are being offered by the company. Such accessories are of no use if you are going to use the tablet for pure gaming and video content consumption.

Operating Systems - Tablet Buying Guide

The Operating System is the core of any laptop after the hardware part. Without the operating system, a laptop is just a dead gadget. There is some most popular tablet operating systems that you should check out.

>> Android OS

Tons of tablet computers have Android operating system. You’ll have a huge choice of tablet computers if you decide to buy an Android Tablet computer. The Android has a friendly user interface; it has tons of free and paid apps on the Google Play Store to access on the tablet.

The most importantly, the Android is developed by the Google so that you can ensure the stability of the tablet over time.

>> Apple's iOS

The iOS is the proprietary operating system of the Apple Computers. They use the iOS on Apple smartphone and Tablet computers. As the iOS is proprietary OS, you’ll get only a few tablets running on the same. But, the iOS is one of the most beautiful and the sleekest operating system for the tablets. As its the Proprietary OS, Apple has tightly optimized it with the hardware, giving you the best possible performance from the hardware.

If you are an Apple Hardware and Software fan, then choosing the tablets with iOS will be the best option for you.

>> Windows OS

Everyone on this planet who uses a computer knows about the Windows OS. The Microsoft has optimized their Windows 10 operating system for the Tablet users. So, many manufacturers are licensing the Windows 10 and using it in their Tablet Computers or the All-in-one Laptops. The Windows is highly popular computer operating system. Almost 70% of the people reading this post are reading it on the computer that is running on the Windows OS.

The Windows 10 is an attractive and stable operating system. Also, you get to use almost every software that is made for windows and also for other operating systems.

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Budget - Tablet Buying Guide

Without having any money in your pocket, you cannot buy the tablet computer. So, having the idea of the amount you are going to spend on the tablet PC is the right thing. The Tablet computers are available in the market with price tags starting from $150 and up.

  • $150-300- In this price range, you’ll find mostly low-end tablet computers. Also, most of the tablets in this price range are based on the Android OS and low-end hardware. The tablets in this price range are suitable only if you are buying it for purely media consumption or gifting it to your kid.
  • $300-500 - In this price range, you’ll get most decent tablet computers to buy. There is the large choice of tablets in this price range. You’ll see the tablets based on Android and iOS in this price range. Also, there are some low-end Windows-based tablets in this section. You can easily get a decent tablet in this price range suitable for light gaming and productive tasks.
  • $500 and More - This is the premium price segment for the tablet computers. If you are looking for the laptop replacement, then you’ll find plenty of good tablet computers that are powerful enough to out-power a low-end laptop. Also, the tablets in this premium price range aimed at higher performance, gaming, and hardcore productive tasks.

Final Words:

So, these are the points that you should check before buying a tablet computer. You can see any popular laptop manufacturer brands website for getting an idea of the tablet computers manufactured by them.

The Tablets are the compact computers that are the perfect replacement for your hefty computer or older laptop for doing work. Consuming media and playing games on the go. I hope you loved these tips to buy tablet computers. If you liked it, then please do share them on social media with friends to let them know these important points to check before buying a tablet computer.
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