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About The Author

Welcome to KeepMeQuiet! I am Purushottam Thakur from Darbhanga, Bihar. I am the owner/founder of this blog. Let me introduce myself to you; I am a 21 years old guy, recently completed my college days. I am a tech geek, an addicted technology lover. I am passionate to learn new things seriously, even they are not related to technology. Currently I am not much aware about SEO, so I am working hard to get most of it and I hope it will be enjoyable for me.

Purushottam Thakur
Purushottam Thakur
When I was in secondary classes, I used Facebook groups to give peoples tricks and tips related to computer software and hardware. This was going fine for me because I am the guy who loves to solve technical problems. I worked here 7 years (not confirm) without any earning due to my knowledge, age and any other thing a child feels. Laterally (when I was in the way of being young), I relished this is not good for me and then, the KeepMeQuiet idea was with me. But there was also a kinds of problems such as money and blogging skills. By the way, in early days something happened, and then I was being able to feel that I am a blogger. Currently I am not much aware about this field but I hope and belief, this will be the next popular source of tips and tricks related to technology, blogging, internet and social media.
The blog of mine, personally created and published as on 26th February 2015 with ( But this is not actual day, my blog went live. I firstly started my blog with blogger platform as on 15th August 2015 with a free BlogSpot domain. Later I had upgraded it with custom domain (
I frequently write here articles, guides and tips tricks related to Blogging, Link Building, SEO, SMO, SEM, Social Media, Search Engines, Computers, Smartphone and other relevant topics. I update this blog with almost 6 articles every week. Currently this is a struggling blog but I hope it will be one from top blogs.

My favorite thought is..
You should run and fight for Truth, Facts, Knowledge, Nature, Future, Happiness, Health and for your Nation. You just need to believe in Humanity because you are human.
That’s all I had to say about me, I think you enjoyed reading my little history and about me. Thank you very much for taking care of this page. If you want to join me on social media networks, you can do it by tapping on any social buttons appears on this blog. You can also contact and hire me by filling the contact form here. Take Care and Enjoy!