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Privacy Policy

‘Keep Me Quiet’ blog respects the privacy of all users who lands on this blog and shall ensure that the personal information you may provide is treated confidentially. ‘Keep Me Quiet’ blog use cookies to store important information about every visitor’s preferences. Our system records user-specific information such as page views, clicks, likes, shares and etc about every visitors.

Cookies and Web Beacons:
Our partners, including advertising partners such as Adsense and any other third party advertiser may use cookies and web beacons on this blog for their purpose. Third-party advertising partners or any advertising networks uses HTML scripts and their latest technology to determine visitors, such as visitor’s choice and interests to show the most relevant adverts to them. The appeared adverts and links have no middle man, clicking by you will be directly redirected to the place where you may want to go.
‘Keep Me Quiet’ and its partners have smart ability to automatically detect your personal information such as your IP address and actual location. We or our partner’s may use technologies such as cookies detector, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS or such Web Beacons to measure the effectiveness of appeared contents or advertisements.

Keep Me Quiet Can Help You Protect Yourself:
Actually we have no access or controls over any technologies used by our partners include advertisers. Keep Me Quiet's policy does not apply to any partners and we are not able to control the activities and such experiments made by our partners. Therefore if you want and wish to hide yourself, your activities and cookies, then you may do so through your individual web browser’s setting.
Normally this feature locates under the browser’s cookies option. If you are not aware of this feature than you can use search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and etc to find the best and easy steps to do so.

We May Change Our Policies Anytime:
This is to inform you that we may change our policy anytime, so now this is your time to be update yourself with our policies, we may change the conditions of our policy anytime when we realize.

Final Words:
Our policy is to protect you and your activities but this not mean to be, we can’t use the activity data of our visitors. We every time analyze and research on our stored data including your activities, if you think this is not suitable for you then you may use above suggestion to hide you activities. 
If you have anything to tell or ask then you may contact the owner of ‘Keep Me Quiet’ to ask or tell anything as per your need such as your opinions, suggestions and anything related to our blog and its services.
Thanks For Understanding
Owner of ‘Keep Me Quiet